Front End Developer at Full Fact

Come and help us build factchecking tools for the future

Our mission is to build scalable, robust, automated factchecking tools for Full Fact, that can be used in newsrooms and globally by other factcheckers.

Description of the role

You use our automated factchecking technology platform, and user insights, to produce and design innovative products to help factcheckers, journalists, and eventually the public, to best understand the facts behind the information they see.

What you’ll be doing

  • Designing and building 2 flagship products with the Product Manager
  • Building groundbreaking products for web and mobile that will be used by factcheckers, newsrooms and the public
  • Prototyping and iterating on new ideas and proofs-of-concept, as we push the frontier of what can be done in automated factchecking
  • Meeting potential users to understand their needs
  • Expanding out the product to work for other factchecking organisations, in different countries, using different languages

Who we’re looking for

  • You are a front-end developer – comfortable in using backend APIs, building single page apps using a js framework, and all the stuff in between
  • You have experience using react.js
  • You have a "get things shipped" attitude and are comfortable doing rapid prototyping
  • You should have an eye for usability and user experience
  • You should have an eye for good design
  • You are comfortable designing products
  • You are comfortable working in an Agile way
  • You should be excited about pushing the state of the art for automated factchecking forward


Salary is 30-50k depending on experience.

More details

The job will be based in our offices in central London

Working at Full Fact

Full Fact is the UK’s leading non-partisan factchecking organisation. We have been at the forefront of automated factchecking since 2013. We're looking for developers to join our team working to tackle fake news, misinformation and the future of factchecking head on.

Working at Full Fact is more than just building tools. We are looking for people who want to improve the news and politics ecosystems and who have thought deeply about the nuance and complexity that exists within the space. We are also looking for people who are willing to make a real commitment to impartiality and to safeguarding that impartiality.

Read more about what we're doing here.

Our standards and neutrality

Full Fact’s work must be independent, impartial, rigorous and balanced. It’s essential that we have clear rules in place to ensure that, and they entail some requirements for members of our team while you work here.

You will be required to operate within our standards, including the Nolan Principles of conduct in public life, our rules on conflicts of interest and so on.

You will have to complete a declaration of personal interests form in the later stages of recruitment, once a year while you work here, and whenever your circumstances change. This is to help us ensure that any potential or potentially perceived conflicts of interest are managed and mitigated so that they do not affect either Full Fact’s or your own work and reputation.

Although anybody is entitled to be a non-active member of a political party or other organisation within the law, if you come to work here you won’t be able to:

  • Say publicly how you vote or express support for any political party
  • Express a view for or against any policy that’s currently a topic of political debate

We do encourage people to contribute to public life in ways that are compatible with our non-partisan role — where possible within our resources, we support people to do voluntary work such as jury service, magistracy, reserve forces and so on.

What we offer

25 days holiday plus bank holidays. We also close the office for a period between Christmas and New Year.

Comfortable and attractive office by St James's Park with very good transport links.

Salary sacrifice schemes for education and training, and schemes for childcare.

How to apply

Have a read over our standards and neutrality above, and then drop us a line at with the subject line "Automated", including your CV and a short covering letter telling us why you want this job.

The deadline is rolling. We will close applications when we find the right applicant. 

Interested in applying but not sure you have all the skills? Please apply anyway! We are open to both supporting learning on the job and rearranging tasks within the team to suit the skillsets of the best applicant.

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