Head of Communications

Central London, £42,000-£52,000 depending on experience
Reporting to the Chief Executive, managing the communications team
Deadline: Mon 8 April at 10 am

Full Fact, the UK’s independent non-partisan factchecking charity, is recruiting a Head of Communications.

It’s a unique opportunity for a creative campaigner and experienced communications lead. Our award-winning factchecking team provides millions of people with accurate information on important debates through our website, other online channels, and the media.

You’ll be responsible for the impact that work has: getting inaccurate claims corrected and changing attitudes and systems that help misinformation spread. You’ll mobilise and build public support to challenge inaccurate claims and the systems that make them easier to spread. You’ll work with colleagues to get our factchecking out to best effect online and through the media.

This is the moment for our mission and Full Fact is rapidly developing. We want you to help us take it to the next level. We’ve invested in communications and in overhauling our website over the next year, and of course we’re preparing for a possible election or referendum. There are big opportunities here.

Tackling misinformation is a globally-important challenge. Full Fact has a strong reputation and working relationships with parliament, government, the media, internet companies, and others. You’ll be responsible for overseeing all our communications and external relations and raising our profile along with our impact.

Head of Communications is a key strategic role for Full Fact, which has recently grown to more than 20 staff including our world-leading automated factchecking team. As a member of Full Fact’s management team you will have an important role in the general direction of the charity and in maintaining our standards of independence, accuracy, and impartiality.

It’s a varied job with lots of opportunity in a supportive, ambitious and growing team.

If you are interested in applying but not sure you have all the skills, please do apply. We are open both to supporting learning on the job and to rearranging tasks within the team to suit the skillsets of the best applicant. We are happy to talk flexible working, and we are open to part time or job share applications for this role.

See full job description below

What we offer

  • Starting salary of £42,000-52,000 (plus pension) depending on experience.
  • 25 days holiday plus bank holidays. We also close the office for a period between Christmas and New Year.
  • Comfortable and attractive office by St James Park and Piccadilly with good transport links.
  • Employee Assistance Programme.
  • Salary sacrifice schemes for education and training.

To apply

If you would like to learn more about the job, we have put together some case studies that may help you. You may also like to read a profile of Full Fact in Wired (2018), or earlier ones in the Guardian (2017), the FT (2016), and the Telegraph (2015).

Please email the Chief Executive, Will Moy, on headofcomms@fullfact.org in confidence with a CV and a covering letter.

We prefer to sift applications anonymously. Please use your initials rather than your name and leave identifying details such as email addresses off your CV and covering letter.

Applications close 10 am Mon 8 April.

Head of Communications Job Description

You manage Full Fact’s communications and PR and oversee our fundraising, with the aim of making Full Fact better known and getting more people involved to challenge the harm done by inaccurate information.

You ensure we maintain the highest standards of accuracy and fairness, so that we protect and strengthen our reputation over the long term.

You run the communications team and are responsible for the wellbeing, management and development of its members. As a member of Full Fact’s management team, you have a responsibility for the charity as a whole.


  • Demonstrably maintain the highest standards of accuracy and fairness in all our external communications
  • Build Full Fact’s media profile by planning and delivering a series of creative press interventions—as well making us more flexible and responsive
  • Oversee Full Fact’s brand strategy and development, and ensure that all staff are equipped to communicate effectively for Full Fact and use our brand well by developing guidelines, assets, and training
  • Increase the proportion of Full Fact’s income that comes from individual donors
  • Help develop new ways for people to be involved in Full Fact’s cause
  • Work with the editorial team to get the maximum impact from our factchecks including reach online, media coverage including TV and radio, and follow-up such as corrections
  • Oversee the production of a major annual report funded by the Nuffield Foundation setting out our evidence of how and why misinformation spreads as a platform for future campaigns
  • Use and share audience insight, data and rigorous evaluation to improve our communications

The team you’ll be working with

Communicating is core to Full Fact’s mission. It involves the whole team.

Our communications team includes –

  • Media Officer responsible for identifying media opportunities and maximising their impact
  • Communications Officer responsible for digital and supporter communications including individual fundraising, building Full Fact’s capacity to engage the public on a large scale
  • Policy and Impact Officer responsible for acting on the findings of our factchecks to secure corrections and improve how high quality information is released and communicated to the public
  • Fundraising Manager who manages fundraising apart from individual and online donations, focused on charitable trusts and potential major donors
  • Designer (currently recruiting), responsible for Full Fact’s visual identity across platforms including web, email, social and print, and working closely with the web team overhauling our website

The rest of our management team—the Chief Executive, Editor, Head of Automated Factchecking, and Research Manager—all have strong networks and regularly represent Full Fact to a wide range of audiences.

Other members of the team, especially the factcheckers, play a key role in our communications and especially our media work.

What we are looking for from you

A wide range of people could do this job well. If you are interested in applying but not sure you have all the skills, please do apply. Specifically, you do not need experience working in the charity sector, in politics, or in fundraising. What we are looking for is –

Political impartiality and sensitivity

  • You are committed to the political neutrality of our work and have a good understanding of impartiality (please see the rules on our website https://fullfact.org/about/jobs/)
  • Strong understanding of public debate in the UK and sensitivity to the political context we work in

Communications leadership

  • Strong audience advocate
  • Track record of success as a communications professional—whatever your specialist skillset—and a strong grasp of the fundamentals
  • Demonstrable ability to plan and execute successful campaigns using a range of communications channels and techniques
  • Commitment to evaluation and effective use of insight and data to drive communications

Personal qualities

  • Collaborative and participatory approach
  • Excellent communication in person and in writing
  • Strong analytical skills with a keen eye for detail
  • Ability to make sound judgement calls, even under pressure

Management skills and approach

  • You can run a team that’s effective and happy (even if this is your first management job)
  • Focus on delivery not just the big idea
  • Commitment to recognising and developing people’s talent

Full Fact relies on people like you to stay impartial, independent & effective.

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