Full Fact’s expertise is in turning data into decision-ready information. Full Fact Services was set up to make the expertise and experience of the Full Fact team available to clients, to support the continuation of Full Fact’s award-winning factchecking. We help clients achieve data excellence: mastery of the whole lifecycle of data from sourcing to communication.

Full Fact’s track record includes:

  • Production of data standards adopted across the Government Statistical Service
  • Training clients including public bodies, national media, companies, and charities
  • Regular consultation with the UK Statistics Authority
  • Expert evidence at the Public Administration Select Committee on the communication of official statistics
  • Regular media appearances explaining complex issues to general audiences

Data excellence

Many organisations are on the journey from understanding the opportunity presented by all the data they hold, to fully mastering it and maximising its contribution to their business. Organisations come to us for assistance with all different aspects of this challenge:

  • Understanding and quality assuring the data they hold
  • Linking their own data to external sources
  • Creating new datasets that will be respected and useful
  • Developing staff skills
  • Commissioning external analysis with confidence
  • Communicating data effectively as decision-ready information for management
  • Communicating data compellingly to the outside world

Informed by these experiences, Full Fact Services takes a participatory approach, working with clients to provide bespoke services, grounded in high professional standards and ongoing testing and improvement. To find out more about what Full Fact Services can offer your organisation, please contact Will on william.moy@fullfact.org

Full Fact relies on people like you to stay impartial, independent & effective.

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