Changes to government Covid-19 death data won’t make a big difference to the overall death count

The government has demanded an urgent review into the way Public Health England calculates the daily death figures from coronavirus.

What is the guidance on face coverings and how has it changed?

As face coverings are soon to become mandatory in shops in England, Full Fact takes a look at the guidance and how it has changed.

What are the new lockdown rules on social distancing?

Rules about who you can meet and what you can do outside have been updated by the government.

Increase in doctors and nurses does not include Covid-19 returners

Rises in the number of full-time doctors and nurses in the NHS do not include staff members who returned to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus cures: debunked

We’ve been asked by readers to find the truth about many alleged ‘cures’ for Covid-19.

Yes, patients were discharged to care homes without Covid-19 tests

Until 15 April there was no requirement to test patients being discharged from hospitals to care homes for Covid-19 in England.

What counts as essential travel during the Covid-19 lockdown?

We were asked by readers to explain what travel is permitted under the new coronavirus guidance.

What is ‘shielding’ and who needs to do it?

There is some confusion around who needs to ‘shield’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 may not be a “high consequence infectious disease”, but it is a real emergency

The new coronavirus can cause many thousands of deaths even though Covid-19 is no longer considered a “high consequence infectious disease”.

It is not clear that 19 million people have already had the new coronavirus

New research claiming that this is the case needs taking with a pinch of salt.

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