Coronavirus cures: debunked

We’ve been asked by readers to find the truth about many alleged ‘cures’ for Covid-19.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser cannot catch fire, without a spark, just because it's in a hot car

Hand sanitiser can only ignite at temperatures found in a hot car if there is a spark.

Does any country have 'a functioning track and trace app'?

Boris Johnson claimed no country currently has a functioning Covid-19 track and trace app.

The Covid-19 track and trace app has not been automatically downloaded onto people’s phones

“COVID-19 exposure notifications” is not an app—it is an API that can work with tracing apps if they are downloaded.

What is ‘shielding’ and who needs to do it?

There is some confusion around who needs to ‘shield’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two metres is a little better than one

New research shows that keeping your distance does protect against coronavirus

Currently, people in independent living housing aren’t automatically eligible for coronavirus testing

Testing for asymptomatic people is currently only available for people in regulated care homes and in the NHS.

Can children transmit the new coronavirus to other people?

The evidence to date suggests that it is uncommon for children to transmit the new coronavirus. Widespread antibody testing is required to fully understand this issue.

Testing positive for Covid-19 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get ill

A headline in the Times conflated testing positive with Covid-19 to being “ill” with the disease.

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