Facebook post about Argos selling £2 PlayStation 5 consoles is fake

9 June 2023
What was claimed

Argos is selling PlayStation 5 consoles for below £2.

Our verdict

Argos has confirmed the offer is not genuine.

A Facebook post falsely claims that Argos is giving away PlayStation 5 consoles for under £2, but the retailer has confirmed that the offer is not genuine. 

The post says: “We are offering the P5 for sale at a price of £1.8, which includes models that were previously used in trade shows or stores. All consoles come with a 24-month warranty. To take advantage of this promotion, click the button and visit our website. Treat yourself and your family with this fantastic offer.[sic]”

A photo shows PlayStation 5 boxes with a sign that says they have been reduced from £599 to £2, rather than £1.80 as it says in the caption. 

The link attached to the post goes to a website that looks similar to the official Argos website but its URL does not match Argos’s official website address, and many of the links on the page do not work. 

The page posting the offer has only 36 followers compared to the official Argos Facebook page which has over 1.5 million followers. The page was also only created on 27 May, the day before the post was shared.

A spokesperson for Argos told Full Fact: “This is not a genuine offer.”

Full Fact has written recently about another similar fake offer promoting cheap PlayStation 5 consoles at Argos, as well as fake promotions on other Argos products such as air fryers or electric scooters. We have also seen fake promotions for free meals at restaurant chain Toby Carvery and Harvester, as well as fake motorhome giveaways

Image courtesy of Mtaylor848

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