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Migration and welfare benefits

It is unclear whether current or proposed welfare restrictions would reduce future immigration.

Would restricting in-work benefits to EU migrants reduce immigration?

Sir Stephen Nickell has said that restricting access to benefits wouldn't have much impact on EU immigration, Iain Duncan Smith says it would.

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Tax credits: how much has spending increased in 16 years?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer claims tax credit spending has increased thirty-fold in 16 years. But not all the figures are comparable over time.

Have the government's tuition fee reforms worked?

We look at how the Higher Education reforms have worked out for students, graduates, universities and the public.

The EU and human rights: a common error

A reference to "EU human rights legislation" in today's Express makes a common error: our human rights laws have nothing much to do with the European Union.

Paying off the debt, one law at a time

Rules like the "budget surplus law" can always be repealed by a future government, and broken without any particular legal consequences in any event.

Is the UK's deficit one of the highest in the developed world?

It's claimed that the UK's deficit is one of the highest in the developed world.

Ask Full Fact: Employment, unemployment and jobseekers

This article has been updated. Over on our Facebook page, some readers had questions about our roundup of employment figures. Where does the unemployment figure of 1.85 million come from, ...

Early help for children—uncertain definition leads to uncertain estimates

The government says it's increased funding for early help for vulnerable children, but charities say funding is down. It depends on what services you count.

Prisoners absconding: an open and shut case?

This week's Prime Minister's Questions heard many claims about prisoners on the run. We establish the facts.

PMQs follow up: unemployment and benefits

Prime Minister's Questions went in heavy on unemployment and out of work benefits. We've rounded up and checked the claims.

7-day NHS: no source yet for claims that 6,000 deaths a year could be avoided

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said 6,000 people a year die because hospitals don't offer a 7-day service, but the evidence for this hasn't been published

The hunt for 8.4 million Welsh-speaking telly addicts (yng Nghymraeg!)

Now in Welsh: Minister says twice as many people watch Welsh language TV as live in Wales.

Tax credits, asylum seekers, and the underreporting of rape: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've checked the claims from PMQs on last week's budget, housing for asylum seekers, and on how many rape victims report the crime to the police

The hunt for 8.4 million Welsh-speaking telly addicts

Minister says twice as many people watch Welsh language TV as live in Wales.

Who's responsible for scrutinizing our official statistics?

The government has announced a review of the production Britain's economic statistics. The Treasury could assume responsibility for the quality of official figures, and it's argued that this would make ...

Renegotiating "ever closer union"

Dropping our EU treaty commitment to "ever closer union" - as David Cameron says he wants to do - may have a political impact, but no direct legal effect.

Are high-earners paying a greater share of tax than in 2010?

The Chancellor has claimed that the richest are paying a greater share of tax, something that's supported by Treasury analysis.

Wanted: evidence that a bad diet causes 70,000 premature deaths every year

It's widely claimed that a bad diet leads to 70,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. But it's difficult to find a reliable source for this figure.

Has the Prime Minister broken a promise on tax credits?

The Prime Minister has been accused of breaking a pledge on child tax credits. So what exactly was promised?

The welfare budget

Spotlight on the welfare budget with context, key facts and sources of information. Includes: welfare spending versus social security; how big the budget is; and who pays out the money.

How is the welfare budget split?

Take a guess at how the welfare budget breaks down and see how close you are with a handy new tool from the ONS.

Factchecking the Summer Budget 2015

We've picked out and checked nine claims from Osborne and Harman's speeches on the Summer Budget.

The government's "modest proposal"

David Cameron describes his government's English votes scheme as a "modest proposal". Experts said recently that it lies between "moderate and radical".

A guide to the economy: taxes

Everything you need to know about what the government takes in tax - and who pays it.