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We’re Full Fact, the independent, non-partisan, factchecking charity.

We check claims made by politicians, the media and pressure groups, and stop misinformation spreading by pressing for corrections.

We separate the facts from the spin and present our findings and sources so that you can judge the claim—and our factcheck—for yourself.

What do you do?

  • Factchecking
    We’ve published thousands of factchecks on topics that inform our readers, and the media, and help keep the players in public debate on their toes. We have also pioneered live factchecking in partnership with BBC Question Time, Sky News and CNN.  
  • Corrections
    Corrections help stop misinformation spreading further. We’ve secured corrections from Ministers, government departments, MPs, the BBC, pressure groups and national newspapers.
  • Making factchecking easier
    Factchecking shows up the patterns in how unreliable claims get started and what we can do about it. Picking up on those patterns has led to big changes like the Daily Mail and Sun setting up their first ever corrections columns; Ministers being required to stop using unpublished statistics; and new efforts to make official statistics easier to use and understand.


Why factchecking?

What’s your reaction to the following exchange?

“70% laws are made in the EU”—UKIP

“7% of laws are made in the EU”—Liberal Democrats

Both the statements can’t be right. Are we really expected to buy into either of these statements, which flat out contradict each other? No one should be forced to choose between blind trust and blind cynicism, and yet that’s the system we have today.

In 2010 Full Fact was launched as a practical response to this problem. Our factchecks make it possible to choose who and what to trust—while our strategic corrections and interventions gradually improve the quality of public debate by changing the behaviour of political figures.

We were told we’d never get a newspaper to print a correction. Our first attempt took nine months. Now we’ve reduced the time it takes to hours or days. We’ve also secured hundreds of corrections from media outlets and Ministers from across the political spectrum, caused the Daily Mail and the Sun to set up corrections columns, provoked a ban on Ministers using unpublished data, and persuaded politicians to alter their arguments during national campaigns so that they were based on fact. Not bad for an impossible idea to solve an impossible problem.

You can read more about our work, and the work of some other factchecking organisations in Africa and Argentina, in this article from Index on Censorship’s magazine.