We have rigorous safeguards in place at every level of our organisation to ensure our neutrality. These have been carefully constructed based on advice from our board and examples ranging from Amnesty International to the BBC. They include the cross-party board, fundraising safeguards, a conflict of interests policy, restrictions on staff political activity, feedback processes, operating guidelines, external reviews, and more. Most importantly, they include carefully recruiting staff who are sensitive to these issues.

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Ultimately, it is for our audience to judge for themselves whether we succeed - we would encourage readers to judge our individual fact checks and our body of work as a whole. We provide links to all sources so that you can check what we’ve said for yourself.

What others say

We have corrected and been quoted by politicians and media outlets from across the political spectrum, including both correcting and being cited by the then Prime Minister David Cameron. Here's what some other people had to say:

“Full Fact is an organisation that specialises in checking the claims of politicians and the media. So the panel had better watch out. Maybe we should have Full Fact on all the time?”

David Dimbleby, BBC Question Time

“Full Fact have systematically followed a number of policy debates and used existing machinery to try to hold politicians, civil servants and journalists to account”

Political Studies Association 2014 awards jury, awarding Full Fact the Transparency Award

Full Fact fights bad information

Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy. You deserve better.