If you have questions about fact checks, donations or talks and events, or if you just want to suggest something for us to check, use the form to get in touch.

Fact check tips 

We cannot promise to check every claim suggested. We only check claims put forward as fact. We can’t fact-check people’s opinions. Please say what impact you think the claim would have if it’s left unchecked.

Media enquiries 

For press enquiries please contact our press team at

You can also call with urgent enquiries:

Omer, our Press and Media Manager: +44 7572 048346

Volunteering and career enquiries

Volunteers make a huge contribution to our team. Please fill in our volunteering form and we will get in touch when we have a suitable opportunity. 

We also welcome speculative applications and we will try to let you know if a relevant vacancy comes up, but otherwise we are sorry that we are not able to respond to most of them unless a specific opportunity arises. We post roles as and when they come up on our Jobs page.

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