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Posts on social media claim British pensioners are only entitled to £6,000 a year in benefits, while illegal immigrants and refugees get £29,900 a year.

Incorrect. Many pensioners are entitled to much more. Illegal immigrants don't get benefits, although asylum seekers get other support. Refugees are entitled to benefits but are unlikely to get £29,900 a year.

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At PMQs the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claimed there are now 6,000 fewer people in the caseload of the asylum backlog.

There's no evidence to support this claim. The latest published data shows that in total over 17,000 more people are waiting for applications to be resolved.

The PM must back up his claims

Labour MP Imran Hussain claimed only eight cases of tax evasion have been prosecuted in the past two years.

False. As Mr Hussain has since clarified, this figure refers to prosecutions for the enabling of tax evasion. Many more people have been prosecuted for tax evasion.

Claim corrected

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Campaign to fix the crisis of honesty in British politics

The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

The Online Safety Bill will bring in new rules for internet companies to make sure their users are protected from harm that can take place on their platforms.

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The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

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