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Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves recently said there are 7.8 million people on NHS waiting lists.

That’s not what NHS England data shows. There were around 6.5 million people on NHS waiting lists in September and around 7.8 million treatment courses were yet to begin. Some people are waiting for multiple treatments.

NHS waiting lists

Footage showing people putting make-up on a girl on a gurney is being shared online with claims it’s evidence of Palestinians faking injuries.

The video actually shows behind-the-scenes footage from a stylised short film, shot in Lebanon, not Gaza.

‘Faking’ injuries

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Full Fact Report 2023

The Online Safety Act and misinformation: what you need to know

The Online Safety Act should have been a pivotal in tackling harmful misinformation. However, there is no credible plan to tackle the harms from misinformation in the Act.

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The Online Safety Act and misinformation: what you need to know

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