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What was claimed

Claim by Conservative Party

Key election pledge

The government will build 40 new hospitals over the next decade.

Our verdict

Only six hospitals in England are actually getting money for building work at this point. These are upgrades to existing hospitals, not extra hospitals. Other hospitals are being given money to develop plans for upgrades after 2025.

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What was claimed

Claim by Labour Party

Published in a press release

Labour policies would save the average family £6,700.

Our verdict

This figure is not credible and does not represent what an average family would save. More than three quarters of the “savings” come from two large costs, rail season tickets and childcare, neither of which reflects what an average family pays.

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What was claimed

Published on social media

Going viral on Facebook

A woman claimed on Facebook to have inside information suggesting that the photo of a boy sleeping on a hospital floor was staged.

Our verdict

There is no evidence the photo was staged. The hospital has confirmed that the incident happened. The woman has told the media she does not have information about the incident.

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We’re here to change debate for the better. We ask people to correct the record when they get things wrong, develop new technology to counter misleading claims, and campaign for better information in public life.

Full Fact in the news

It can’t be left to Facebook to safeguard democracy

Facebook are implementing new advertising guidelines after Full Fact spotted altered headlines being run by the Conservative Party.

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Our policy work and impact

Election law needs to change before any election

Full Fact has written to all MPs and Peers calling for UK election law to be updated before any election.

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Automated fact checking

To fight misinformation, we’ll need better tools

That’s why Full Fact is building scalable, robust, automated fact checking tools to be used in newsrooms and by fact checkers all over the world.

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