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UCU tweeted a quote

That comes from a research paper not yet peer-reviewed

The return to universities could cause 50,000 deaths from Covid-19 without “strong controls”

Our verdict

The article’s author told us the predicted death toll “will not actually happen in its entirety” because it would trigger a local or national lockdown once it became clear what was happening.


What was claimed

Jonathan Ashworth MP was challenged in parliament

This isn’t the first time Mr Hancock has mis-stated the test and trace statistics

Nationally, only 69.4% of contacts are now reached and asked to self-isolate

Our verdict

The Shadow health secretary was correct. Only 69.4% of identified contacts are now reached and asked to self-isolate That’s down from 77.1% in the previous week.

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What was claimed

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Data from the World Integrated Trade Solutions website shows that Covid-19 testing kits were being bought and sold by countries long before the pandemic

Our verdict

Not true. It looks like that, as items that are now classified for Covid-19 were used for other things prior to the outbreak.

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Full Fact welcomes consultation to update our outdated election laws

We believe that voters should know who is targeting them online and who is paying for it. This transparency is crucial for elections in a democracy.

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What do our readers’ questions tell us about the public’s coronavirus concerns?

We've pulled together the main themes from over 2,400 questions sent in to us as part of our Ask Full Fact series.

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Automated fact checking

How we’re using AI to scale up global fact checking

Full Fact is using technology to increase the speed, reach and impact of its fact checking. Find out how we are developing AI tools to help highly trained fact checkers to be more efficient.

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