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What was claimed

By the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab

Said during an interview on Sky News

Employers cannot penalise workers who are following the law by quarantining after returning to the UK from abroad

Our verdict

This is not correct. Employers can take action against employees, if they choose, including deducting pay.


What was claimed

Figures obtained by Liberal Democrat, Layla Moran

Used in a report in The Observer

915 children were admitted with malnutrition in Cambridge hospitals between 2015 and 2020. There were 656 similar admissions in Newcastle, and 656 at the Royal Free London

Our verdict

These numbers seem to refer to all admissions, not children only. The correct figures for children’s admissions are 33, 71 and 11.

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What was claimed

A tweet by actor Jason Alexander

Shared thousands of times on social media

In World War Two, when Londoners were asked to black out their homes at night, none complained or objected

Our verdict

This is incorrect. There are recorded instances of numerous objections to blackout and Blitz safety measures.

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Full Fact in the news

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Automated fact checking

How we’re using AI to scale up global fact checking

Full Fact is using technology to increase the speed, reach and impact of its fact checking. Find out how we are developing AI tools to help highly trained fact checkers to be more efficient.

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