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Rishi Sunak claimed at Prime Minister’s Questions that the IMF is now forecasting that the UK will have stronger growth than Germany, France and Italy.

This is true looking at longer-term projections, but in both 2023 and 2024 the UK is projected to have the second lowest growth rate in the G7.

How does the UK compare?

Social media posts claimed a “Make England Great Again” quote which accused Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland of having “one long moan” came from Conservative Party deputy chair Lee Anderson.

False. Lee Anderson did not say this. The quote actually comes from a political sketch published by the Guardian in February.

Wrongly attributed

During a recent speech on healthcare, the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer claimed that the suicide rate is “going up”.

The rate of suicide registrations in England and Wales has risen since 2007, but figures for the last few years show a mixed picture, with the rate of suicide occurrences broadly flat.

What does the data show?

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The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

The Online Safety Bill will bring in new rules for internet companies to make sure their users are protected from harm that can take place on their platforms.

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The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

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