13th Aug 2020

Can children be detained without their parents’ consent if the authorities think they have coronavirus?

The government says a parent, carer or legal guardian must be present for a Covid-19 screening to take place on a child under the Coronavirus Act.

11th Aug 2020

An Express headline on how many working carers fear for their job is flawed

The poll it’s based on didn’t ask if people thought they would get sacked, it asked if they thought they would be forced to leave their jobs.

10th Aug 2020

There is no proof you’re more likely to get Covid-19 if you’re tall

It was widely reported that a survey showed men over six foot tall are more likely to be infected with coronavirus. However, the research does not prove this.

10th Aug 2020

You were more likely to catch Covid-19 in Spain than the UK in late July.

A viral Facebook post claims Spain had a much lower Covid-19 death toll than the UK at the end of July. That’s correct but isn’t the best way to compare …

7th Aug 2020

The RSPCA has said that they are worried people will abandon pets because the economic effects of Covid-19

The charity said in a press release that they are worried the current economic climate would lead to more abandoned pets.

7th Aug 2020

Leicester residents are not being forcibly tested for coronavirus

Leicester City Council said that no one is being forced by them to take Covid-19 tests.

7th Aug 2020

These figures for the size of House Of Commons, House of Lords, and the EU parliament are all correct

However, the European Union does have lawmakers that aren’t elected by the public.

5th Aug 2020

How to check coronavirus cases near you

The data is easy to find, but needs to be read carefully

5th Aug 2020

Video of police officer egged by children is a prank

Viral videos on social media seemingly showing a police officer lying on the ground while children pelt him with eggs are not what they seem.

5th Aug 2020

We do not test 330,000 people a day for Covid-19

This was a claim from the schools minister. The true figure, under the Test and Trace programme for England, is more like 52,000

5th Aug 2020

Why this poll gives a misleading view on how many people the public think Covid-19 has killed

By using a mean average, the results overstated what the average Brit thinks the death rate has been.

5th Aug 2020

Universal Credit monthly allowance is more than House of Lords daily allowance – for now

Temporary increases to Universal Credit introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic mean the monthly allowance is now higher than the daily allowance for peers in the House of Lords.

4th Aug 2020

What are the quarantine rules if you return to the UK from abroad?

Our readers have asked us to explain the guidance around self-isolating if you have visited another country.

4th Aug 2020

Ordinary face masks are not harmful

There are rare instances involving tight-fitting N95 respirators.

4th Aug 2020

A baseless paper that linked skin cells, 5G and coronavirus has been retracted

The paper made claims about how 5G waves could be absorbed by skin cells and produce coronavirus but provided no credible evidence.