22nd Sep 2020

Unlicensed vaccines are not untested

Social media posts claim the government is trying to quietly change the rules on unlicensed vaccines, but they’ve missed the point.

21st Sep 2020

Punishment for breaking social distancing and possessing indecent images of children can vary

Posts on Facebook that compare the penalties for breaking social distancing and possessing indecent images of children need context'

18th Sep 2020

Lots of people are getting confused over testing figures

Many people in media and politics are mistakenly comparing two different things.

18th Sep 2020

Angela Rayner’s testing numbers are not quite right

The numbers she used in PMQs measure different things, and cannot be compared.

17th Sep 2020

Data on how far people travel to get a Covid-19 test isn’t all that useful

There are some issues with the data released by the government.

17th Sep 2020

There’s no connection between new biometrics legislation and Covid-19 tests

This legislation is to do with biometric data that is of interest to national security.

16th Sep 2020

What do social distancing laws say about ‘mingling’?

Updates to the coronavirus law and guidance place restrictions on certain gatherings.

16th Sep 2020

This viral post understates the risk of Covid-19 infection

It claims the risk of catching Covid-19 is 44 million to one. This is a misreading of the fact that daily infections were 44 per million in England, and have …

15th Sep 2020

Instagram post falsely claims there was a plane crash at Gatwick Airport

It used an edited picture of an Emirates aircraft above some houses.

15th Sep 2020

£1.5bn GDP boost from UK-Japan trade deal is not on top of existing EU-Japan deal benefits

The UK currently trades with Japan under an EU trade agreement. The economic benefits of the new UK-Japan deal are relative to having no agreement, not to trading under the …

14th Sep 2020

People deciding not to get tested will not make it look as though coronavirus has been wiped out

Covid-19’s prevalence in the community is measured by more than the number of positive tests.

14th Sep 2020

Covid-19 kills far more than 0.1% of the people who catch it

The real death rate from Covid-19 is probably about five or ten times higher than 0.1%

11th Sep 2020

Testing: Where are we?

With the issue of Covid-19 testing back in the news, we take a look at how the testing programme is currently performing.

11th Sep 2020

How many children are missing or trafficked in the UK?

Most missing children cases are resolved quickly and without harm recorded.