26th Aug 2020

A retracted paper linking 5G and coronavirus with no evidence is doing the rounds on Facebook

The paper, which was retracted days after it was published, did not prove any link between 5G and coronaviruses.

25th Aug 2020

Ukrainian soldiers have not died after having an American Covid-19 vaccine

Six members of the Ukrainian military have died of Covid-19 so far, but that wasn’t anything to do with a vaccine.

24th Aug 2020

Comparing tax dodging and benefits for people seeking asylum

MP Zarah Sultana claimed that the super-rich and large corporations dodge £90 billion in tax every year. This is based on an estimate for the tax gap which is much …

24th Aug 2020

Matt Hancock misstates the proportion of Test and Trace contacts being reached

Matt Hancock misspoke saying that 79.7% of close contacts of infected people are being reached by test and trace.

21st Aug 2020

Flu isn’t the underlying cause of death for more people than Covid-19

Figures from the Office for National Statistics are being widely misunderstood. Flu isn’t the underlying cause of more deaths than Covid-19 at the moment, but pneumonia probably is.

20th Aug 2020

Study doesn’t show that children are ‘silent super-spreaders’ of coronavirus

A study into the quantity of Covid-19 carried by some children does not prove they are ‘silent super-spreaders’.

20th Aug 2020

Claims that Warburtons now gets its wheat from the USA are wrong

The company changed suppliers but it will continue to get some of its wheat from the UK and some from Canada.

20th Aug 2020

Lowering the state pension age for women won't create four million jobs for young people

A post on Facebook incorrectly claims that allowing women born in the 1950s to retire at age 60 would create four million jobs for young people.

19th Aug 2020

You’re allowed to leave England if you’re self-isolating for 14 days following a trip abroad

Provided you travel directly to your point of departure you can travel from England during the 14 day quarantine period.

19th Aug 2020

Infrared thermometers do not affect the pineal gland

These thermometers do not emit infrared radiation, they measure it.

18th Aug 2020

Viral Facebook post on cost of “binned” test and trace app is wrong

The app hasn’t been binned, although the government did change direction with their original app to use the Google/Apple system.

18th Aug 2020

Viral Facebook post compares the national living wage with the state pension

The post uses an average figure for the poorest pensioners and compares that to the minimum wage for people over 25.

18th Aug 2020

Claims that a 2011 lightning composite picture were taken in the Lake District are false

A photo went viral after a Facebook user claimed it was taken in Calbeck, but they later said that was a joke.

18th Aug 2020

It’s not true that migrants get a free TV licence

A widely shared post on Facebook incorrectly claims migrants who arrive in Britain receive a free TV licence, while pensioners have to pay for one.

18th Aug 2020

You cannot catch Legionnaires’ disease from a mask

Legionnaires’ disease is a bacterial infection caught through water.