22nd Jun 2020

This is what has happened with student nurses who volunteered to work for the NHS early

A Facebook post describing what happened has gone viral.

22nd Jun 2020

No, the government is not proposing to inject the public with tracking microchips

A fake letter claiming to be from Boris Johnson asks people to write to their MP with opinions on mandatory microchip injections, which are not being proposed.

22nd Jun 2020

Boris Johnson overstates number of schools with returning students

Boris Johnson was wrong to say that 97% of primary schools which report data were seeing children returning. The figure on the day he was speaking was 69%.

19th Jun 2020

No evidence to back up these claims about fluoride

Fluoride is added to toothpaste and water to help prevent tooth decay. The only potential negative effect of fluoride at levels recommended in the UK is teeth discolouration.

19th Jun 2020

Public transport use higher than transport minister claimed

Grant Shapps claimed use of public transport is at 5% of its usual levels, but government figures show it is actually much higher.

18th Jun 2020

Boris Johnson incorrect to say Keir Starmer is “completely wrong” about past trends in child poverty

Mr Starmer said 600,000 more children are in poverty than in 2012, which is correct according to government data on children in low income households.

18th Jun 2020

A Norwegian-British research paper doesn’t claim the virus causing Covid-19 was man-made

There is still no evidence to suggest that the new coronavirus was man-made.

17th Jun 2020

Some children with no recourse to public funds are eligible for free school meals

A question at PMQs by Labour MP Stephen Timms suggested this wasn’t the case. Free school meal eligibility has been temporarily extended to some of these children.

16th Jun 2020

The Covid-19 track and trace app has not been automatically downloaded onto people’s phones

“COVID-19 exposure notifications” is not an app—it is an API that can work with tracing apps if they are downloaded.

16th Jun 2020

What did lockdown rules say when these Labour MPs are claimed to have broken them?

These Labour MPs have either apologised for or defended their actions during lockdown.

16th Jun 2020

Yes, patients were discharged to care homes without Covid-19 tests

Until 15 April there was no requirement to test patients being discharged from hospitals to care homes for Covid-19 in England.

15th Jun 2020

This video of protesters in London chanting “We’re racist and that’s the way we like it” is fake

The audio has been taken from a video of racist Chelsea fans in Paris in 2015.

15th Jun 2020

There were no stabbings reported at protests in London over the weekend

The Met police have confirmed no stabbings happened at the protests.

12th Jun 2020

A viral Facebook post about 52 free horses is a repost from 2011

These 52 horses that need homes aren’t real.