How much can councils raise to pay for social care?

Councils are being allowed to increase council tax by 3% next year to pay for social care, but how does that impact different councils?

Are there 13 deaths by suicide every day?

It is correct that in 2015 there were around 13 deaths by suicide a day in England.

How many hospital black alerts were there this week?

Media reports say that 23 hospital trusts in England have reached the highest level on the NHS’s system for saying whether they are under pressure, or are otherwise under serious ...

Four million on hospital waiting lists

At least 3.7 million patient referrals in England were waiting to receive non-emergency treatment as of November 2016. It may be as high as 3.9 million.

The number of doctors and nurses in NHS England

The number of doctors, nurses and midwives is going up, though not by as much as we've seen claimed.

NHS spending is going up, but other health spending isn’t

Government plans will see £5 billion rise in overall health spending in England by 2020, once you adjust for inflation.

The government has misquoted the head of NHS England on spending plans

The government has misquoted a statement from Simon Stevens in 2015.

Spending on the NHS in England

How much will the government spend on health in England over this parliament, and is it really putting an extra £10 billion in?

Fewer doctors and nurses working in mental health

There are fewer nurses and doctors specialising in mental health now than in 2010.

Has the number of people using mental services increased?

Changes to the way these figures are gathered means we don’t know for sure how the number of people accessing mental health services has changed between 2010/11 and 2014/15.

A&E waiting times: better or worse?

More patients are being seen within four hours at A&E departments, but the percentage of visits processed within that time has been falling.

How many patients die from thirst or starvation?

Roughly one patient every three or four days died as a direct result of malnutrition or dehydration in NHS and non-NHS hospitals in England and Wales across 2015.

Public satisfaction with the NHS

Data from 2017 doesn’t necessarily tell us much about public perceptions of the NHS this winter, still less its actual performance.

How many children have mental health disorders?

According to a 2004 survey for the Department of Health one in 10 children have a mental disorder. More up-to-date research is to be published in 2018.

Health tourism: what's the cost?

The government has previously estimated that "health tourism" costs the NHS around 0.3% of NHS spending allocated to specific services.

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