Are there more nurses on our wards?

We don’t have figures specifically for the total number of nurses on hospital wards.

The number of NHS hospital beds has fallen

It’s hard to say exactly how far NHS bed numbers have fallen in the past ten years, since the count before 2010 included different things.

Hospitals: safety versus quality

The Prime Minister and leader of the opposition clashed over the number of hospitals which are unsafe and how many are good or outstanding during Prime Minister’s Questions. We factchecked ...

Nursing training places

We don’t know yet how changes to NHS bursaries will affect the number of places universities offer.

A shortage of midwives?

There are more midwives in England than there were in 2010, but the trade union representing them estimates that there’s a shortage, as has the National Audit Office.

Social care and hospital delays

20 council areas accounted for 50% of the discharges delayed due to social care in November 2016.

UKIP and the NHS

In the past, UKIP’s leader has been critical of the NHS model of healthcare.

A&E in England has never been busier

There were 2.5 million more attendances at English A&Es in 2016 compared with 2010.

Staffing in A&E

There are roughly 600 more A&E consultants, 1,500 more A&E doctors, and 2,000 more paramedics since 2010.

How many A&Es are going to close?

Research has shown one in six A&Es could be closed or downgraded based on their current plans, but it's speculative. At the moment we only know for definite that about ...

The half-a-trillion NHS

Adding up five years’ worth of spending on the NHS to get a really big number doesn’t tell us very much.

How much can we charge people from overseas to use the NHS?

The government has an “ambition” to recover £500 million a year by 2017/18 from overseas patients not eligible for free NHS treatment. But it has estimated that it will actually ...

Health tourism savings won't plug the hole in NHS funding

Estimates show health tourism costs up to £300 million a year, but savings from this alone won't fill the gap in funding for the NHS.

Are patients going to A&E instead of GPs?

It was estimated in 2010 that between 10% and 30% of cases attending A&E were of a type that could be seen by a GP.

The total number of missed GP appointments

Perhaps surprisingly, no-one routinely collects this information.

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