No Fear Data

A three-part online training course in the essentials of data analysis


  • Gain confidence with using data in your job or day-to-day life
  • Understand how datasets work and how to best structure them
  • Answer questions by adapting and augmenting datasets
  • Visualise and present your answers to an audience

The course did what it said it would - I don't have a fear of data or learning about data anymore and it has given me the confidence to keep learning about data step, by step. Thank you!

No Fear Data graduate, SEPTEMBER 2021.

Do you

  • Feel a sense of dread whenever you’re asked to work with a spreadsheet
  • Or can handle basic analysis but you’re curious to see what more spreadsheets can do for you

Then this is for you.


How does it work?

No Fear Data is about gaining confidence in using data and spreadsheets in your job and day-to-day life. 

Over three mornings, we’ll be learning about the basics of how datasets are structured, how to plan a data analysis, how to use spreadsheets and pivot tables to answer questions about data, and how to make compelling data visualisations to report on what we’ve learned.


Week 1: Understanding and getting answers out of basic datasets
09:30—12:30 Surgery til 13:00 (optional)

  • Understanding the different forms data can take and how to access them
  • Forming an effective data analysis plan
  • Using pivot tables to get quick answers out of structured data

Week 2: Modifying and joining data tables to form new datasets
09:30—12:30 Surgery til 13:00 (optional)

  • Using diagnostic tools to assess completeness and consistency in datasets
  • Cleaning up formatting issues, handling duplicate, missing or inconsistent data
  • Joining different datasets together and forming data models

Week 3: Visualising and presenting what you learn from data
09:30—12:30 Surgery til 13:00 (optional)

  • Choosing and delivering the right chart for the job
  • Creating a professional product which delivers answers people need


Your trainer

Joseph O’Leary is Full Fact’s training manager and has 10 years of experience fact checking in the UK. He has designed and taught accredited courses in data analysis and business insight to apprentices and professionals and runs workshops in critical thinking at schools, colleges and universities across the country. He has also worked with the ONS and GSS on improving their presentation and dissemination of statistics.

“I’m doing this because I think basic data analysis skills should be for everyone. It can be pretty intimidating seeing numbers constantly in the news with claims and counter-claims about them, often confusing datasets lying behind them, and public figures jabbing at each other over who’s got their numbers wrong. Instead of being put off by numbers, I want people to have confidence that it’s a language we can all speak, and a debate we can all engage with. This course is about giving you the foundations to speak and use that language for yourself, and in your job.”


What others have said

I got exactly what I wanted from this course: the filling-in of many little gaps in my knowledge that I did not know existed.

No Fear Data Graduate, June 2021.

I was confident that a course run by FullFact would be good and I was not disappointed.

No Fear Data Graduate, SEPTEMBER 2021.

Joe is an excellent teacher. He set the right tone and pace, making me feel comfortable and engaged.

No Fear Data Graduate, SEPTEMBER 2021.



For £396 you will get

  • 10.5 total hours of teaching including 1.5 hours of support time with the tutor for specific problem solving.
  • Free 1-1 support over email for a month after the course is over. We’ll aim to help with any data handling problem you’re facing.
  • Access to Full Fact’s data training workbook so you can practice and re-use what you’ve learned after the course.
  • A certificate to confirm you’ve completed the course and are a fearless data analyst!
  • New found confidence in how you feel about numbers



Course start 9 Nov

  • Week 1: Tue 9 Nov 09:30—13:00
  • Week 2: Tue 16 Nov 09:30—13:00
  • Week 3: Tue 23 Nov 09:30—13:00

Course start 11 Nov

  • Week 1: Thu 11 Nov 09:30—13:00
  • Week 2: Thu 18 Nov 09:30—13:00
  • Week 3: Thu 25 Nov 09:30—13:00

If you would like to enrol but would rather pay by invoice, or are a non-profit looking for a discount, then please reach out to