2nd Dec 2019

The BBC and ITV seven-party debates, fact checked

We fact check the key claims and major topics from the BBC and ITV seven-party debates, including the NHS, Brexit, poverty, immigration and criminal justice.

30th Nov 2019

Fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet spreads after the London Bridge attack

A fake tweet falsely claims Jeremy Corbyn said the London Bridge attacker was “murdered by British Police”.

30th Nov 2019

The BBC did not “donate” money to the Conservative party

Appearance fees from the BBC appear in some Conservative politicians declarations, as they do for MPs from other parties. These are not donations.

29th Nov 2019

Boris Johnson on LBC: fact checked

Conservative party leader Boris Johnson took part in an audience phone-in on LBC Radio. We fact checked his responses.

28th Nov 2019

Angela Rayner uses exaggerated figure for number of WASPI women in poverty

Ms Rayner said millions of women have fallen into poverty because of changes to the pension age. We don’t know the number for certain but it is certainly not millions.

27th Nov 2019

What do the trade documents Jeremy Corbyn showed actually say about drug prices?

The documents show that, as expected, drug patents are a US negotiating objective in trade talks. But they don't show us what, if anything, the UK has actually agreed.

27th Nov 2019

SNP manifesto 2019: fact checked

This page will feature all our fact checks on the SNP manifesto for the 2019 general election.

26th Nov 2019

Councils aren’t using pre-filled postal ballots to suppress the youth vote

Councils say postal ballots are prefilled to prevent people from entering the wrong date.

26th Nov 2019

It is not Labour policy to scrap the single occupant council tax discount

This seems to come from a report that made recommendations to Labour about council tax, but is not party policy.

26th Nov 2019

This supposed Dominic Raab tweet seems to be an old fake

There is no evidence he ever tweeted it and it was widely reported as a fake over a year ago.

26th Nov 2019

Twitter polls are not accurate opinion polls

The BBC only cited the YouGov poll showing 51% of people though Boris Johnson won the ITV leaders debate, because it was the only poll conducted in a way to ...

26th Nov 2019

How to register to vote: everything you need to know

26 November 2019 is the last day you can register to vote for the general election on 12 December. Here are a few facts about the process of registering and ...

26th Nov 2019

The £20.5 billion NHS England spending increase is the largest five year increase since the mid-2000s

NHS England spending is set to increase by £20.5 billion between 2018/19 and 2023/24. The last time spending increased by at least that amount was between 2004/05 and 2009/10.

25th Nov 2019

Latest poll puts support for Welsh independence at 24%

On the Andrew Marr show, Mr Marr said support for Welsh independence was never more than 10% while Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said it was at up to 30%.

25th Nov 2019

Labour corrects broadband cost figure

Labour initially calculated the cost of maintaining a full fibre broadband network at £230million a year. Data suggests costs would be two to four times this amount.