9th Sep 2020

Matt Hancock gets test and trace figures wrong again

The shadow health secretary is wrong to say that the proportion of test and trace contacts reached is 69.4%. It is not below 70%.

8th Sep 2020

The word “robot” comes from Czech, not Greek like GPT-3 claims

GPT-3 is mistaken about the etymology of the word robot.

8th Sep 2020

This data does not show tests for coronavirus being ordered pre-2020

This data does not show tests for coronavirus being traded pre-2020

7th Sep 2020

Advice to clinically extremely vulnerable people varies by local lockdown area

Shielding for the clinically extremely vulnerable has been paused in the UK. That goes for most local lockdown areas, but not Leicester and Blackburn.

4th Sep 2020

What do we know about a ‘back to work’ campaign?

There has been confusion over whether the government had ever planned to launch a ‘back to work’ media campaign.

4th Sep 2020

These figures for non-Covid deaths aren’t accurate

These figures appear greatly exaggerated.

4th Sep 2020

Unlicensed vaccine manufacturers are immune from some, but not all, civil liability

A vaccine manufacturer would still be liable if their unlicensed product was defective.

4th Sep 2020

Reopening universities will almost certainly not cause 50,000 deaths

This assumes that every student in the UK catches Covid-19 this autumn, and that nothing is done to stop it

2nd Sep 2020

There’s no evidence the number of people taking their own life fell during the Covid-19 pandemic

Health secretary Matt Hancock was wrong to say figures for England show a decrease in the number of people taking their own life.

28th Aug 2020

Figures for people seeking asylum in hotels and veterans sleeping rough are both wrong

It’s not true that 48,000 “illegals” are housed in hotels, and estimates of 6,000 veterans sleeping rough are likely to be too high.

28th Aug 2020

A graph spreading on Facebook gets it wrong on flu vs Covid deaths

Flu is not the underlying cause of deaths in more people than Covid-19.

27th Aug 2020

Claims of pandemic fall in child anxiety may not apply across the whole country

A study which found that students’ anxiety levels were lower during the pandemic than in October 2019 was conducted among year 9 students in the south west of England.

27th Aug 2020

Children in Need is not donating £10 million to Black Lives Matter

The BBC charity is matching Stormzy’s £10m pledge to causes tackling racial inequality in the UK.

27th Aug 2020

What do we know about Covid-19 transmission in schools?

The evidence is limited as fewer children have attended school during the pandemic, but broadly suggests that while there is some risk, schools aren’t likely to play a large role …