23rd Jan 2020

This Boris Johnson quote has been edited and taken out of context

Two sentences from an article written by Mr Johnson in a 2013 article arguing for and against Brexit have been edited together.

21st Jan 2020

There’s limited evidence that lie detectors will be effective on terror offenders

Lie detectors aren’t accurate, but that’s not the only measure of their worth.

21st Jan 2020

Quarter of private renters experience sickness over housing worries—but we don’t know if private renting is the cause

A quarter of private renters agree that housing worries have made them ill. The Guardian claimed private renting is the cause which confuses correlation and causation.

20th Jan 2020

This claim that 2,000 people have died waiting for benefits since a Universal Credit review was announced needs context

The estimate is an average based on how many people died between 2013 and 2018 waiting for a decision on their Personal Independence Payment decision.

20th Jan 2020

Jeremy Hunt muddled the numbers on botched surgeries

The former health secretary said the NHS operates on the wrong part of someone’s body four times a day. It’s actually four times a week.

17th Jan 2020

It’s very unlikely that fewer knife offenders are facing jail

Claims from Labour about knife crime sentencing aren’t comparing like-with-like.

16th Jan 2020

A Bill to change referendum rules came from one Lord, not the government

It’s not a Bill that has been put forward by the Conservative party or by the government.

16th Jan 2020

Up to 260 UK patients per year experience vision loss because of healthcare delays

Glaucoma is the most common main diagnosis for such patients.

16th Jan 2020

Finland is not going to have a four-day working week.

The claim came from an informal proposal made by the Prime Minister when she was Minister of Transport.

15th Jan 2020

Migration drives the majority of UK population growth—exactly how much is debatable

Migration to and from the UK has directly accounted for about 60% of UK population growth since the turn of the century, or higher if you try to count the ...

15th Jan 2020

Spectator report on the effect of the sugar tax needs more context

The Spectator said the “achievement” of the sugar tax is an increase in sugar consumption. This data referred to food which isn’t covered by the tax. Sugar consumption in drink ...

15th Jan 2020

Boris Johnson’s first interview of 2020: fact checked

The Prime Minister repeated a number of claims about the NHS and policing which we’ve looked at before.

14th Jan 2020

State spending isn’t at a record high when you consider the size of the economy

Public spending amounts to around 40% of the size of the economy. It’s been smaller before. It’s also been bigger before.

10th Jan 2020

Poll shows public thinks Brexit and NHS are most important issues facing the country

A survey reported by the Mail found social care to be the most pressing issue for the new government, but only among a selective list.

10th Jan 2020

How long do murderers serve in prison?

Over half of murderers released from prison have served between 11 and 18 years in custody.