21st Oct 2020

Labour’s tweet about Serco is missing some important context

Public and private contact tracers do different kinds of work, so it is difficult to compare their performance.

21st Oct 2020

Non-Covid deaths in private homes are up, but have decreased elsewhere

Metro claimed the non-Covid death toll is soaring. This refers just to deaths in private homes, not all deaths.

21st Oct 2020

Some Covid-positive students are being recorded at their home addresses

The government confirms students who do not register with a new GP at university are recorded as testing positive at their home address.

20th Oct 2020

What does an "Australia style" Brexit deal really mean?"

On Sunday, Andrew Marr suggested that an “Australian terms” deal with the EU could well be called “Afghan” terms. Afghanistan actually has more favourable trade terms with the EU than …

19th Oct 2020

London Mayor candidate wrong to claim Covid-19 pandemic is no worse than a flu season

The number of deaths from Covid-19 far exceeds the number of deaths from flu in a given season, despite the much stricter controls in place.

19th Oct 2020

WhatsApp messages about a video called “India is doing it” are a hoax

The video and the hack mentioned in the message are not real.

16th Oct 2020

Contact tracing has not stopped in schools

Single Covid-19 cases in educational settings are being traced centrally, instead of by local teams

16th Oct 2020

What do lockdown restrictions mean for relationships around the UK?

Readers have asked Full Fact to explain how lockdown rules impact their relationships.

15th Oct 2020

Royal Navy sailors died while preventing the slave trade, but not tens of thousands

Modern and contemporary records of naval deaths are in the low thousands.

14th Oct 2020

There almost certainly aren’t as many as two million unauthorised immigrants in the UK

A recent estimate put the figure between 800,000 and 1.2 million.

13th Oct 2020

Andy Burnham was wrong about furlough on Question Time

The Mayor of Greater Manchester suggested that staff in closed pubs and bars in Bolton had no access to support.

13th Oct 2020

Flu and Covid-19 statistics are being published in one report, but not added together

They will both now appear in the same weekly document.

12th Oct 2020

Flu and Covid-19 statistics are not being added together

It’s just that they are both now published in the same weekly document.

12th Oct 2020

It's not true that data on causes of death isn't published

Acclaimed author Frederick Forsyth claimed incorrectly that the ONS doesn’t show where Covid-19 ranks among all causes of death.

9th Oct 2020

This comparison of the cost of the Irish and UK contact tracing systems is misleading

The Irish system will cost €700 million for the first year, not £773,000 which is just the cost of developing the app.