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Is Google paying 3% tax?

The debate is over what counts as Google's "economic activity" in the UK.

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When talking about benefit cuts it's unhelpful to refer to the "£220 billion" welfare budget

The £220 billion welfare budget includes pension costs, which aren't going to be cut.

NHS waiting times: one of three 18-week targets has been missed in 10 of 12 months

The NHS has missed one of its 18 week waiting time targets in 10 of the last 12 months - what's behind worsening performance on this measure?

Will there be a million more over 70s in 2020?

The UK population is ageing, and this is putting considerable pressure on public finances.

Tariffs and barriers: trade between Britain and the EU

What would trade between Britain and the EU look like if we left?

Welfare spending, wage growth and housing: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've checked PMQs claims on welfare spending, house building, record wage growth, rapes reported in London and women living in refuge

Does the UK make up 7% of the world's welfare spending?

The UK makes up a 7% share of the world's welfare spending, according to the Chancellor. But it seems to be based on unpublished "internal analysis".

Election 2015: the most expensive poll on record?

Claims that 2015 election was the 'most expensive' ever are based on donations, but spending during election time is capped, and we don't have figures yet.

Ministry of Justice corrects corrected overcrowding figures

The Ministry of Justice issued corrected figures for prison overcrowding in last week. Unfortunately, these figures were wrong.

Two prisoners to a cell designed for one: how many are living in overcrowded conditions?

Two prisoners occupy a cell intended for one. How many are living in 'crowded accommodation'? Some prisons have been counting only one prisoner.

Did the EU misspend enough money to build 10 new hospitals?

The EU misspent €7 billion in 2013. Would that have paid for 10 new hospitals?

Is the number of unlawfully large infant classes falling?

What impact are increasing pupil numbers having on infant class sizes? Taking into account both lawfully and unlawfully large classes, there are growing numbers with 31 or more pupils.

UK remains one of fastest growing 'major advanced' economies

The OECD have forecast that the UK will be the fastest growing G7 economy in 2015, while the IMF have it in second place.

Structural: the 6.5 billion pound word

Britain does have a structural deficit, but that doesn't just mean that the government spends more than it receives.

Guardian app hasn't started notifying users of corrections to pieces

Last week we wrote about a notification sent to mobile users of a correction from the Guardian news app, which we thought was a correction to an article.

Inequality, trade and productivity: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've checked claims from PMQs on inequality, trade and productivity

Did Labour vote to stop 16 and 17 year olds voting in the EU referendum?

With the passing of yesterday's House of Commons vote on the EU Referendum Bill, there's already been disagreement over Labour's position on the proposals.


Are foreign criminals using human rights to avoid being deported?

A couple of thousand foreign nationals convicted of criminal offences in the UK appeal against being deported every year, and every year a few hundred appeals are granted under human ...

The EU has shrunk as a percentage of the world economy

Daniel Hannan says that Europe has shrunk as a percentage of world GDP. We take a look at the EU's share of world GDP over time.

Nurse shortages: factchecking the last government's record

Jeremy Hunt and Andy Burnham have debated the cause of rising spending on temporary nurses. We check their claims on spending, nurse numbers, and Mid Staffs

Is the Guardian the first news app to send push notifications to readers about corrections?

This week the Guardian app popped up with a notification alerting phone users to a correction to one of its pieces. It's a very good way of making sure readers ...

Factchecking housing claims at Prime Minister's Questions

At today's Prime Minister's Questions Harriet Harman and David Cameron clashed on housing. We've taken a look at some of their key claims.


Keeping human rights, while scrapping them

It's the end of the world as we know it. Or it's a plan to "reform and modernise our human rights legal framework". We'll just describe it as the Conservative ...

Wanted: a source for this widely used GP statistic

Some statistics can become so widely known and accepted by experts in the field that they become almost too obvious to provide a citation for. And so, in a puff ...