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Migration and welfare benefits

It is unclear whether current or proposed welfare restrictions would reduce future immigration.

Would restricting in-work benefits to EU migrants reduce immigration?

Sir Stephen Nickell has said that restricting access to benefits wouldn't have much impact on EU immigration, Iain Duncan Smith says it would.

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When criminal trials are "cracked"

Criminal trials can finish unexpectedly due to witness problems. But contrary to what's been reported, witnesses aren't the only cause of "cracked" trials.

22% of Muslim women say they don’t speak English or don’t speak it well

A government claim about the number of Muslim women with little or no English is backed up by Office for National Statistics analysis of the 2011 census.

14 January's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We factchecked the panel's claims on junior doctors, deaths in hospitals at weekends, what the UK pays into the EU, and housing.

Ask Full Fact: stroke patients and weekend deaths

Jeremy Hunt has said that people who have a stroke at the weekend are 20% more likely to die. Some of our readers asked us to investigate.

Can the boss now read your messages at work?

A European human rights case is said to make a big change to employees' right to privacy at work. But employees generally may not be affected.

Housing, pollution, and winter deaths: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on housing, pollution, winter deaths, school performance, energy competition, and employment.

No evidence that junior doctors' strike will put 200 lives at risk

It's been suggested that junior doctors' strike action could put 200 lives at risk, but that number isn't backed up by any published evidence.

British students and the EU

Campaigners to stay in the EU have invoked the number of UK students going abroad on the Erasmus programme. Their figures are broadly correct.

Are homes sold under Right to Buy being replaced?

In an interview with David Cameron on the weekend, Andrew Marr claimed that many more social homes have been sold under Right to Buy than replaced.

How much money does legal aid save the country?

The claim that the state saves £6 for every £1 spent on legal aid should be treated with caution. It's evolved out of several different pieces of research.

Understanding alcohol health risks

Proposed new guidance says people should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week to keep health risks low. Just how risky is it?

The government defence on flood defences

Labour's attack on David Cameron over flood defence spending doesn't prove that total spending has fallen on his watch, but cuts have been made in some areas.

Floods, housing and income inequality: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on flood defences, housing, solar panels, income inequality and chief executive pay.

British influence in the EU Council of Ministers

The UK's formal voting weight in the important EU Council of Ministers has declined since we joined, but recent changes push it back up to 13%.

Four million people have diabetes—probably

New figures claiming that four million people have diabetes seem right, although the estimate for the half a million who are undiagnosed is hard to verify.

Rail fares: up 25% in six years?

Have rail fares gone up by a quarter since 2010, as the Labour Party claims?

Home ownership: the lowest in a generation?

Labour claims that home ownership is at its lowest level in a generation. The proportion of English households owning their home is the lowest since 1984.

Christmas in graphs

Here are the final answers to our Christmas quiz. Enjoy!

We don't know that 100,000 illegal migrants have been stopped at the border

The claim that 100,000 illegal migrants have been stopped at the border is an unofficial projection and is uncertain.

Ask Full Fact: is poverty being redefined to remove any reference to income?

New measures going through Parliament replace existing income indicators of child poverty with ones that focus on worklessness and educational attainment.

Have A&E admissions for alcohol poisoning doubled?

Headlines refer to A&E admissions when the statistics they're using measure people visiting A&E, regardless of what kind of treatment they get.

Social care funding: how did the sector react to the latest plans?

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn swapped quotes from health and social care leaders during Prime Minister's Questions.

17 December's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We factchecked the panel's claims about migrants benefits, Norway's relationship with the EU and trade.