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Is Google paying 3% tax?

The debate is over what counts as Google's "economic activity" in the UK.

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UK aid to Syria

David Cameron claims that the UK is the second largest contributor of humanitarian aid in the Syrian crisis. This is right, according to the United Nations.

How many apprenticeships are successfully completed?

The Business Secretary has claimed there's no evidence of a big drop-off rate in apprenticeships.

How many jobs could be lost in onshore wind?

It's been suggested that closing the Renewables Obligation to onshore wind could threaten 19,000 jobs.

12 November's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked claims from this week's BBC Question Time on the EU, NHS and Trident.

£200 an hour legal aid lawyers: an update

We've been looking into the evidence that the Ministry of Justice provided to prove that legal aid lawyers earn £200 an hour. It's not convincing.

Did MPs vote against removing the "tampon tax"?

There's been some confusion over what MPs voted against last month regarding the so-called "tampon tax".

How many major businesses have experienced a cyber-attack?

TalkTalk Group's CEO claimed on Radio 4 Today that 9 in 10 major businesses experienced a cyber-attack in the last year. That's an uncertain figure.

Limiting EU human rights law

The Prime Minister's speech on the EU today mentioned the possibility of stopping EU human rights law from applying in this country. Can that be done?

Population, immigration, and EU renegotiation

David Cameron's speech at Chatham House contained a number of claims on population growth and immigration. We've checked them here.

Did auditors sign off on the EU budget?

The European Court of Auditors signed off on the 2014 EU accounts as reliable, as they have for every year since 2007. Some payments didn't follow EU rules.

Do half the UK's exports go to Europe?

In 2014, the EU accounted for around 44% of the UK's exports of goods and services.

How many free trade deals has the EU done?

The EU has concluded trade agreements with around 50 countries outside the Union—some "classic" free trade agreements, and others more wide-ranging.

5 November's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the claims from last night's BBC Question Time on junior doctors, crime, and housebuilding.

Not everything European is the EU

A recent headline described the Council of Europe as an "EU body", but this is a separate organisation to the European Union.

The NHS, the military covenant and adoptions: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on all things NHS, as well as the armed forces covenant, housing benefit and adoption figures.

Why worry about "ever closer union"?

EU heads of government formally said last year that the treaty language "ever closer union" shouldn't force reluctant countries into further EU integration.

The UK's renewable energy target

There's some confusion over the UK's renewable energy target. Here's our guide to what it is, where it comes from, and what might happen if it's missed.

Women on the bench

The Lord Chief Justice spoke recently about the importance of diversity among the judges of England and Wales. We've looked into the statistics he cited.

Are we unusual in permitting non-consensual adoption?

Senior judges say that England and Wales is unusual in permitting non-consensual, or "forced", adoption. Academic research tells a subtly different story.

"Holiday fines" case heads to High Court

A legal case on parental fines for taking children out of school for holidays wasn't the landmark it was reported to be last month—but might turn out to be.

29 October's BBC Question Time, factchecked

Is the Lords more in tune with public opinion than the Commons? Is Scotland more left wing than the rest of the UK? We check the Question Time claims.

Are we missing our targets on renewable energy?

The UK met its interim renewable energy target for 2013 and 2014. The European Commission has suggested that the UK might be off track for its 2020 target.

Are white applicants more likely to receive offers to top universities than black applicants?

Research is mixed on whether there's underlying racial bias in admissions to Russell Group universities.