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Migration and welfare benefits

It is unclear whether current or proposed welfare restrictions would reduce future immigration.

Would restricting in-work benefits to EU migrants reduce immigration?

Sir Stephen Nickell has said that restricting access to benefits wouldn't have much impact on EU immigration, Iain Duncan Smith says it would.

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Are eight out of ten families ‘ripped off by power firms'?

Today the Sun claimed that eight out of ten families were ripped off by the six largest energy firms, but where is the evidence?

Who are free schools really serving?

Thousands of children return to school this week as school holidays draw to a close. However, for some pupils, this new academic year signals more change as they will join ...

Is Vince Cable as popular as polls suggest?

As the results of today's Cabinet reshuffle were absorbed around Westminster, some Liberal Democrat malcontents have been speculating about a reshuffle at the top of their own party, with Business ...

Do headline figures on annual cost of raising a child tell the whole story?

Today this headline appeared in the Daily Mail: "How raising a child up to the age of 11 costs more than £90,000: Average annual cost up 15% in five years." ...

Are one third of disabled people living in poverty?

Yesterday an Independent article claimed that one in three disabled people is below the poverty line. But there are several ways to present official statistics.

Has the Government saved British businesses £3bn by slashing red tape?

As politicians return to Westminster after their summer break, we look at the Foreign Secretary's claim about one of the Government's areas of renewed focus.

Is there enough brownfield land for 1.5 million new homes?

As speculation over whether the Government will continue to protect the Green Belt intensifies, some campaigners point out the untapped potential of England's brownfield land as the obvious source for ...

How much value do international students add to the UK economy?

The ongoing war of words over whether the number of international students coming into the UK should be capped has churned out yet more contradicting statistics, this time from NUS ...

Are complaints against doctors up by 10 per cent this year?

On the surface, recent media reporting on the rise in the number of complaints received by GPs and hospital services last year could look worrying. But what's happening behind these ...

Did higher taxes lead to reduced revenue from the rich?

The Daily Mail this week bemoaned Nick Clegg's recent 'wealth tax' plan, drawing upon claims from the Labour party that the Deputy Prime Minister was engaging in little more than ...

Are more older than younger women dying from drugs?

Readers of the Telegraph this morning might have spotted a surprising claim: The Telegraph, 30 August 2012 Unlike most of the articles Full Fact looks into, the Telegraph piece provided ...

Heathrow's third runway: a much needed investment or 'big-willy politics'?

As the Heathrow third runway debate heats up this week, Full Fact observed seemingly contradictory comments in the Guardian and Times which were in need of some further investigation. Must ...

Has £1 billion been lost through fraud and error in Council Tax benefits?

Quoting the Department of Communities and Local Government, several newspapers have reported on the 10-figure sum which can be attributed to fraud and error in the Council Tax benefit system.

Will 90,000 disabled people lose Motability vehicles via PIP?

Hacking into the Government's plans to cut back on disability allowance, the Guardian has recently claimed the changes will see 90,000 Motability vehicles or scooters taken away from people who ...

Are immigrants finding work at twice the rate as British born workers?

A piece in the Telegraph this morning bemoaned the state of the British job market; pointing out that since the election foreign-born workers have found work at a rate of ...

Does building 100,000 homes contribute one per cent to GDP?

The most harmful inaccuracies are often those that get uncritically repeated time and time again. So quite naturally a few eyebrows have been raised over a much-repeated figure used by ...

Could one per cent of green belt land make room for 300,000 homes?

The green belt has come under scrutiny recently with some accusing it of being a barrier to much needed housing construction and economic growth. Yesterday, the Guardian made a number ...

"The more people are engaged with data, the more truth there will be"

After months of cautious manoeuvring from the Government, press reports last week suggested Downing Street may now accept the recommendation of the Dilnot Commission on the funding of social care, ...

Does the UK have the highest fuel duty in Europe?

The decision to increase fuel duty by over three pence in January has prompted an angry response from campaign groups and the media who point out that the UK already ...

Is Apple the most valuable company of all time?

Apple's market value at the close of yesterday triggered a landslide of sensationalist headlines hailing the tech super-corp as the most valuable company of all time. But is it?

Are the British workforce lazy idlers?

After the Evening Standard leaked content of 'Britain Unchained', the magnum opus of five Tory MPs, there has been a media defence of the British labour force. But what do ...

Do only one in six pupils take a core academic subject?

Thousands of young people across the country will receive their GCSE results this week. But how many took core academic subjects?

Are we the STI capital of Europe?

Using London 2012 as an opportunity to discuss safe sex, a spokesperson for the Terence Higgins Trust bestowed upon London the envious title of "STI capital of Europe". But how ...