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Migration and welfare benefits

It is unclear whether current or proposed welfare restrictions would reduce future immigration.

Would restricting in-work benefits to EU migrants reduce immigration?

Sir Stephen Nickell has said that restricting access to benefits wouldn't have much impact on EU immigration, Iain Duncan Smith says it would.

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Are only one in five asylum seekers Syrian?

The Mail claims that one in five asylum seekers have been Syrian. The Guardian says there is evidence that's changing as the situation develops. Both are right.

The pay gap, record employment and an extra £23 billion to GDP: women and the workplace

BBC Question time saw claims on the pay gap, women's employment and a £23 billion boost to GDP from women reaching their potential. We look at the figures.

Have NHS waiting times got better or worse? Pick your measure

Have NHS waiting times got better or worse in the last few years? It depends which measure you're looking at.

Food banks, zero hours contracts and falling wages: are we worse off?

John McDonnell argued on last night's Question Time that some of the government's economic boasts are hollow. We've taken a look at his claims.

Ask Full Fact: does 80% of the public support the monarchy?

A reader told us that they keep hearing that 80% of the public support the monarchy. We take a look at the figures.

Ask Full Fact: are asylum seekers mostly men?

Readers have asked us whether it's true that most refugees are male. Of those applying for asylum in the EU recently, more than half have been men aged over 18.

Looking for impartial information about the EU? Look no further

The public and businesses say they don't have enough information about the EU. Full Fact will provide impartial information in the run up to the referendum.

There's only so much £8 billion will buy you in the NHS

The £8 billion figure is totemic for the future of the NHS, but as the Nuffield Trust has explained, it is not extra money to pay for extra services.

Child poverty—it's up but it's also down

Jeremy Corbyn claims child poverty went up by half a million under the last government. It's up by one measure, but down by another.

Are childcare costs soaring?

We know that at the very least, costs for part-time nursery for the under 2s has been increasing—particularly in certain regions.

The human rights victories won by criminals

Just under half the cases won against the UK at the European Court of Human Rights have involved someone convicted or suspected of a criminal offence.

Ask Full Fact: Germany hasn't accepted 800,000 Syrian refugees

Germany will end up accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees, both from Syria and the wider world, but 800,000 Syrians accepted to date is way off.

Do asset sales save the government money?

George Osborne found £4.5 billion in savings to be made by the government, including asset sales. Do asset sales count as savings?

Department of Health to speed up responses to media and Full Fact

The Department of Health has revealed it will introduce measures which should mean if a claim can't be quickly substantiated it won't make it into a speech.


International law and the death of Reyaad Khan

The death of a British citizen, Reyaad Khan, in an RAF drone strike has led to debate about whether or not the killing was allowed under international law.

Is the performance of disadvantaged pupils improving?

School performance of disadvantaged pupils has, for the most part, been improving. The trend is less clear for the gap between these pupils and their peers.

Are graduates settling for non-graduate jobs?

CIPD says 58.8% of graduates are in non-graduate roles, but this is based on an old survey.

Ask Full Fact: does the NHS spend £30 million pulling kids' teeth because of sugar?

Jamie Oliver's "Sugar Rush" campaign has claimed that extracting kids' teeth due to sugar is costing £30 million a year. It's not quite that simple.

The UK can't be forced to accept more refugees

The EU can't force Britain to take a "quota" of refugees from other EU countries. The UK can choose to opt in to any such EU plans.

Has the UK only taken in 216 Syrian refugees?

A number of outlets are claiming that the UK has taken in so few Syrian refugees that you could fit them all on a tube train. This is wrong.

How many free schools are in deprived communities?

Based on the available data, just under 45% of open mainstream free schools are in areas ranked as in the 30% most deprived.

How much does the EU spend on promoting itself?

Business for Britain says that up to €3.9 billion of the 2014 EU budget could have been spent on self-promotion and propaganda. Is this accurate?

Police numbers: back to the 1970s?

It's claimed spending cuts could mean 22,000 fewer police officers in England and Wales. Would that put police numbers at their lowest since the 1970s?