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Is Google paying 3% tax?

The debate is over what counts as Google's "economic activity" in the UK.

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NHS reforms: How does the UK compare for stroke mortality?

The UK's poor performance compared to other developed countries for stroke mortality has been cited in the White Paper published by the Department of Health in 2010 as one of ...

Average rape sentences: Peer's question reveals more data

During the controversial Ken Clarke interview on Radio 5 Live last month, BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire claimed that the average prison sentence for a rape conviction was five years. A ...

Are 98 per cent of prisoners enjoying good behaviour benefits?

Today's Daily Mail claims that a vast majority of prison inmates are enjoying benefits supposedly reserved for "better-behaved offenders". Is this true?

A million 'scroungers' on benefits for a decade?

New figures show a million people have been on out of work benefits for more than ten years, but what's the evidence for calling them "scroungers?"

Is Labour responsible for rising NHS waiting times and falling budgets in Wales?

After Full Fact questioned the Prime Minister's version of history on sentence discounts for guilty pleas yesterday, does David Cameron's claim about Labour's record on the NHS in Wales stand ...

NHS reforms: How much will shift to GP commissioning cost?

As the debate over reforming the NHS rumbles on, how accurate are the figures cited over how much the plans will cost or save in the long run?

Update: Disability Minister's claim that fewer blind get DLA than alcoholics and drug addicts is wrong

Earlier this month Full Fact found significant problems with Disability Minister Maria Miller's claim that "more people who are either alcoholics or drug addicts are in receipt of the higher ...

How much does obesity cost the NHS?

In his speech in support of reforming the NHS last week, David Cameron stated that obesity was costing the NHS £4 billion a year, with this expected to reach £6.3 ...

How much of the NHS budget is spent on treating chronic conditions?

The Times had a slightly different estimate from the Prime Minister for the proportion of health spending going towards treating long-term conditions. But where do the figures come from, and ...

Is five years the average prison sentence for rape?

In the interview which kicked off a storm about rape sentencing yesterday, Radio 5 Live incorrectly asserted that the average sentence for rape is five years.

Rape conviction rates: Ministry of Justice moves to tackle "misleading" measurement

Earlier, we looked at possible problems with the claim that there is a 6 per cent conviction rate for rape, widely made in the wake of Ken Clarke's comments today. ...

Disability Living Allowance: are alcoholics and drug addicts better off than the blind?

Minister for Disabilities Maria Miller has said that more people with alcohol and drug abuse as a medical condition get higher rate disability allowance than do blind people. Is this ...

6% rape conviction rate needs explanation and context

With the sensitive debate about rape kicking off once again today following Ken Clarke's comments to Radio 5, David Cameron repeatedly referred to the 6% rape conviction rate at Prime ...

NHS Reform: A closer look at the £20 billion black hole

As David Cameron renewed his fight for the Government's proposed reforms to the NHS, one of the most widely quoted figures was that of a £20 billion funding gap facing ...

Are unpaid carers saving the taxpayer £119 billion?

A new report suggests the value of volunteer care workers is greater than the entire NHS. Can this be so?

Newspapers correct incapacity benefit claims after Full Fact complaint

With protestors marching in London today against the Government's proposed changes to disability benefit, the progress of the Welfare Reform Bill through Parliament has come under renewed media scrutiny. However ...

Are the English paying for lavish Scottish spending promises?

Simon Heffer claimed in the Telegraph yesterday that England is paying Scotland a £35 billion subsidy that allows the Scottish government to make lavish spending promises. Full Fact took a ...

What proportion of Government cuts were Labour committed to?

Two halves of the Coalition offered two different interpretations of the size of the cuts proposed by the last Government this week, but do either reflect the true picture?

How does the NHS compare internationally on disease mortality?

With the NHS Bill now reaching the end of its pause period, and with the Government indicating that substantial changes will be made, Full Fact has been taking a closer ...

Are wind turbines to blame for projected rises in electricity bills?

The Express claimed today that the Government's Renewable Energy Review has found the cost of wind farms will add £50 to the average annual household bill by 2020. But does ...

AV referendum: Has UK politics historically always been a two-horse race?

Last week Intelligence2 hosted a very informative debate on the merits of AV and First Past the Post (FPTP). Full Fact attended the even, producing a leaflet outlining the most ...

How does life expectancy in parts of Glasgow compare with Kabul?

While out campaigning, George Galloway stated that in some parts of Glasgow life expectancy is lower than in Kabul. Full Fact went in search of the figures.

Is First Past the Post good at throwing out unpopular governments?

Proponents of the First Past the Post electoral system claim that it is good at throwing out unpopular governments at election time. Seeking some evidence for this, Full Fact went ...