MPs who have not corrected the record

These politicians have not corrected themselves after Full Fact has made them aware that a claim they have made is inaccurate, misleading or unevidenced.

We contacted the politicians below to request corrections. They were all given a reasonable opportunity to correct themselves before being added to this list.

What this list does and doesn’t tell us.

This list only includes politicians Full Fact has contacted in relation to claims we have fact checked since 2022. Given it is not possible for us to monitor and fact check all claims made by politicians, this list is not exhaustive. It is therefore not accurate to use this to draw comparisons about the overall behaviour of individual MPs or political parties.

Some of the politicians on this list have repeated claims we have previously fact checked which means they might not have been mentioned by name in any of our fact checks. Where this is the case we have linked to where the repeat claim was made and we have also linked to our original fact check on this subject.

We occasionally contact politicians to make them aware of a fact check, rather than sending them a correction request. These people are not included on this list.

We are counting the number of days without correcting the record from the date we sent the individual a correction request, not from the date the claim was made.