Rishi Sunak MP

Rishi Sunak

We’ve fact checked Rishi Sunak 51 times. Since 2022, we’ve asked him to correct the record seven times. Join others in his constituency of Richmond (Yorks) to ask him to stand up for honesty in public life.

Your trust should be earned. Any MP making serious claims in public debate should be prepared to get their facts right, back up what they say with evidence and correct their mistakes.

When politicians fall short, we can demand better. Join us and take action for higher standards in public life now.

We’ve asked Rishi Sunak to correct the record seven times

We have been in touch with Rishi Sunak about seven of his claims. He has corrected the record once.

After we published this fact check, we contacted Rishi Sunak to request a correction regarding this claim.

Rishi Sunak issued a correction.

It has been 157 days without Rishi Sunak correcting the record

Together we can demand higher standards in public life

Full Fact supporters have already taken action in Rishi Sunak’s constituency of Richmond (Yorks). Will you join them?

People in Richmond (Yorks) believe Rishi Sunak must stand up for honesty

MPs owe Parliament—and the public—the truth

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