Spin off: how some of the UK's top research organisations are supporting factchecking

9 February 2015 | Full Fact Team

Inaccurate claims aren’t necessarily down to malicious intent. Often, they come about because people don’t understand the evidence or they’re in a hurry. But whatever the reason, inaccurate information does have a negative effect.

So, in 2013 we decided that we wanted to focus on getting the best information out into the public realm, with an eye on making an impact at the 2015 election.

For two years now we’ve been building links with some of the best research organisations in the country. Thanks to that preparation, experts in statistics, research, immigration, health, education and crime will be stepping up to share their knowledge with us and you during the campaign.  Imagine an election where the experts are actually heard for once!

The organisations we’re working with are: The Health FoundationThe Institute for Criminal Policy Research, The National Foundation for Educational Research, The Migration Observatory and NatCen Social Research.

Between us, we’re producing peer-reviewed briefings on key topics like:

  • Is immigration good for the economy?
  • Is crime falling?
  • A&E pressures
  • How good are academies?
  • The Human Rights Act
  • Debt and deficit

Just because they’re experts doesn’t mean they will have all the answers or even necessarily agree with each other. It’s our job to make clear what we don’t know as well as what we do. We’re united by a shared feeling that experts and facts don’t get enough of a look in — and that the upcoming election is the perfect opportunity to change that.

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