EU Wikipedia edit-a-thon

19 April 2016 | Sinéad Boultwood

We need your help.

On Saturday 14 May we’re running a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to make sure everyone has access to the best possible information before the EU referendum.

We want to update Wikipedia with the latest figures and expert analysis, from Full Fact’s content and elsewhere. Wikipedia’s page on the European Union has an average of over 11,000
views per day. We think it’s important that the information people find is accurate.

Our staff are volunteering their time but as you know we’re a small team, so we’re inviting you to a day of editing in East London. If you’ve never edited Wikipedia before then we will show you how. If you’re experienced already we would really like your help!

The event’s taking place 10.30am to 5pm at Newspeak House
just off Brick Lane. All you need is a laptop and some enthusiasm—we’ll provide food, advice and can help with up to £7.40 towards travel costs. If you’d like to help us please fill in this form, and take a look at our wikipedia:meetup page.


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