#GE17 and The Nuffield Foundation

27 May 2017 | Mevan Babakar

We're pleased to announce that the Nuffield Foundation has awarded Full Fact £40,000 to ensure public debate in the run-up to the General Election is informed by independent and rigorous evidence. 

This takes our crowdfunder total up to £81,251 at time of publication. 

We have awarded a grant of £40,000 to Full Fact to undertake fact-checking claims made during the election campaign. Full Fact will promote their fact-checking directly to voters via their website and social media. They will also work with media outlets to get information out to the public as widely as possible. Where incorrect claims are made, Full Fact will seek corrections from campaigners and media outlets.

Full Fact will also provide impartial content that provides answers to the questions voters are searching for online. Full Fact will work with key stakeholders to improve the quality of information in public debate, including the Office for National Statistics (ONS), specialist research organisations such as the IFS, the Nuffield Trust, the National Foundation for Educational Research, the Migration Observatory, and the UK in a Changing Europe project.  

The Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation aims to improve social well-being by funding research in education and social policy, and by building research capacity in science and social science. It has funded Full Fact as part of its work to ensure public debate in the run-up to the General Election is informed by independent and rigorous evidence. You can read more here.

We're very grateful for the support of the foundation over the years, they were one of the earliest funders of Full Fact. They also funded our 2015 election centre.

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