Standards in public life cannot be upheld without a focus on honesty

1 November 2021 | Team Full Fact

Full Fact response to 'Upholding Standards in Public Life', the Final report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life Standards Matter 2 review:

In failing to address dishonesty in politics in its report, we appear to be left with the committee for only six out of seven standards in public life. The Committee on Standards in Public Life must now conduct an inquiry specifically into the issue of honesty. 

The Committee’s own research has yet again shown high levels of public concern that the principle of honesty is not being lived up to, and this is why people are so frustrated with Westminster politics. Ignoring this concern will only fuel a corrosive blind cynicism about our politics that undermines even work that deserves the public's trust.

We do welcome some of the Committee’s recommendations including independence for regulation of the Ministerial Code. But democracy is about living in a shared reality and honesty is the glue that holds democracy together. Standards in public life cannot be upheld unless the committee starts to take seriously public concern about honesty.

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