Let’s take the opportunity of a General Election to prioritise honesty and accuracy

10 June 2024 | Robert Cann

In addition to our crucial work fact checking the general election, Full Fact also campaigns for changes to make bad information rarer and less harmful. This election is an opportunity to improve the quality of public debate, restore trust in politics, and mitigate the worst aspects of the online misinformation that causes societal harm. As someone interested in the work of Full Fact, we hope that you feel the same way: we encourage you to challenge the candidates you come across during the election campaign on these issues - whether it’s on your doorstep or at a local hustings.

Change cannot come soon enough. According to research conducted by Ipsos UK for Full Fact, a majority of the UK public (71%) is concerned that voters will be misled by false or misleading claims in the upcoming election campaign.

Our policy calls for the new government and parliament are split into three themes: what happens during the election period, the behaviour of politicians once elected, and our longer-term vision for a society better able to combat misinformation. During the election campaign we will continue to hold politicians to account for what they say and how they say it.

We are calling for the following commitments:

1. Protect democracy during an election period 

2. Politicians must lead by example

3. Strengthen society’s resilience to misinformation

Good information really matters in a healthy democracy, and it's never been more important to campaign for honesty and accuracy in politics, and in wider public debate. Full Fact will do that throughout this election campaign. And we will keep doing it for the launch of the next parliament and beyond. With your help we can have an even bigger impact!

Sign up to hear more about our work, and to find out more from us on these topics over the course of the election period. Meanwhile you can read in more detail about all of these issues, and more, in the Full Fact Report 2024

Full Fact fights bad information

Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy. You deserve better.