21% of UK electricity comes from nuclear

Published: 11th Jan 2017

In brief


The Westinghouse Springfield site produces nuclear fuel that generates 15% of UK electricity.


That’s what the power company itself says. Overall, nuclear sources supply about 21% of the UK’s electricity.

“Westinghouse Springfield site in my constituency employs over 1,200 people in high-skilled jobs manufacturing nuclear fuel, that generates 15% of the UK’s electricity…”

Mark Menzies MP, 11 January 2017

Mr Menzies’ office told us that these figures came from Westinghouse Springfield itself. The power company says that their nuclear fuel is used to generate around 15% of the UK’s electricity.

In 2015, the nuclear industry supplied about 21% of the UK’s energy overall.

“... does my right honourable friend agree with me that the nuclear industry is of crucial importance to the north-west economy, and will she continue to support the construction of a new nuclear power station, to guarantee jobs in the region?”

Mark Menzies MP, 11 January 2017

The Nuclear Industry Association, a trade association, says that in the summer of 2016 about 28,000 people were employed in the nuclear power supply chain across the north west of England. That’s about 0.8% of everyone employed in the region.

The figures include people employed anywhere in the supply chain - not just at nuclear power plants.

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