60% of Northern Ireland’s exports go to the rest of the UK

13 October 2017
What was claimed

60% of all sales from Northern Ireland go to Great Britain.

Our verdict

Correct in 2015.

"Our biggest market for sales, 60% of all sales, the sales done in Northern Ireland goes to Great Britain, to the rest of the UK."

Simon Hamilton MLA, 12 October 2017

59% of what Northern Ireland sold outside its own borders in 2015 went to the rest of the UK.

15% went to the Republic of Ireland, 8% to the rest of the EU, and 16% to the rest of the world.

In total Northern Irish sales added up to £73 billion worth of goods and services with £48 billion staying in Northern Ireland, £14.4 billion worth going to the rest of the UK, and £10 billion worth ending up elsewhere in the world.

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