Full Fact sources index: where to find the information you need

9 April 2013

This list has now been superseded by our new tool Full Fact Finder.

Full Fact constantly draws upon a whole host of resources to show you where facts are from. To help point you in the right direction, we've compiled some of the sources of information that cover our five major topic areas:

Economy, Crime and Justice, Health and Social Care, Immigration and Education.

The sources in this list aren't necessarily the only places to find the relevant information, and most datasets will carry with them warnings, caveats and guides on how to use the statistics. As with any set of figures, care always needs to be taken to ensure the right numbers are being used.

This isn't a comprehensive list, but we'd like to keep adding to it. If you know of any good sources that haven't been included, please do contact us by email: feedback@fullfact.org



UK gross domestic product (GDP): national and broken down by sector ONS Preliminary estimates and Quarterly National Accounts Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity: by age, duration, etc ONS Labour Force Survey - labour market statistics Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity by region ONS Labour Force Survey - regional labour market statistics Employment projections UK Commission for Employment and Skills Almanac (UKCES) How many hours people work, what they earn, distribution of earnings Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings   How inflation is measured ONS Consumer Price Indices Public spending on different areas and departments HM Treasury public spending national statistics Who pays what in tax HM Revenue and Customs tax statistics Debt and deficit ONS Public sector finance statistics Economic forecasts for spending, tax take, jobs and economic output Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) Economic and Fiscal Outlook   How much households are spending, and what on ONS Consumer Trends Households' lifestyles, habits and well-being ONS General Lifestyle Survey Households' wealth and assets ONS wealth in Great Britain Relative and absolute poverty breakdowns Department for Work and Pensions Households below average income (HBAI) House prices ONS house price index Land Registry for England and Wales Halifax house price index Nationwide house price index   Figures on Government work schemes Department for Work and Pensions get Britain working section Benefits claimants, caseloads and payments Department for Work and Pensions statistical summary Benefit fraud and error Department for Work and Pensions fraud and error in the benefits system International comparisons of GDP, labour markets, trade, etc Eurostat database OECD stat extracts United Nations statistics division International financial data International Monetary Fund data and statistics World Bank data   Crime and Justice   Crime figures (England and Wales) ONS Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime Home Office data on hate crime, racists incidents, crime detection and crime against businesses Crime figures (Scotland) Crime and justice statistics Crime figures (Northern Ireland) Crime statistics Data on arrests, detentions, stops and searches Police powers and procedures in England and Wales   Re-offending statistics Ministry of Justice proven reoffending Sexual offending in England and Wales Ministry of Justice overview Children and young offenders statistics Ministry of Justice youth justice statistics   Police service strength, powers, drug seizures, firearm ownership (England/Wales) Home Office police research statistics Police service strength (Scotland) Police strength statistics Police Service strength (Northern Ireland) Strength of police service statistics Frontline policing Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary study   Prison and probation population Ministry of Justice prison population figures Prison and probation entries and exits and sentencing lengths Ministry of Justice offender management caseload statistics What prison costs, how different prisons perform and how many escapes Prison performance digest   Court statistics Ministry of Justice judicial and court statistics Criminal justice and sentencing Ministry of Justice criminal justice and sentencing statistics Tribunals statistics Ministry of Justice tribunals statistics   Health and Social Care   Government spending on Health HM Treasury Economic data Social care statistics NASCIS (National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service) NHS staff numbers and salaries Health and Social Care Information Centre NHS workforce sickness absence rates Health and Social Care Information Centre   Performance at trauma units in England and Wales TARN — The Trauma Audit and Research Network Hospital beds: availability and occupancy Department of Health bed occupancy and availability   Public health data on certain diseases APHO (Association of Public Health Observatories)   Accident and emergency waiting times NHS Commissioning Board weekly 'sitreps' data NHS Waiting times and patients' care NHS patient experience statistics NHS satisfaction rate Department of Health Public Perceptions of the NHS Tracker Survey 2000-2012   Immigration   General immigration, including entry clearance, passenger admissions, extensions of stay, settlement, citizenship, asylum, detention, removal and voluntary departures Home Office migration research Home Office migration statistics Home Office monthly children entering detention statistics Home Office monthly asylum statistics   Migration, emigration and net migration statistics ONS Migration Statistics Quarterly   Immigration of EU and non-EU nationals ONS Long-term international immigration The impacts of migration Home Office analysis Pathways of migrants through the immigration system Home Office Migrant Journey series   Jobs held by foreign nationals ONS Labour Force Survey Work-related immigration (non-EEA nationals) Home Office Immigration Statistics Allocation of National Insurance Numbers to Overseas nationals Department for Work and Pensions National Insurance Number Allocations to Adult Overseas Nationals entering the UK   Long-term trends in student immigration Home Office Immigration Statistics Number of visa applications from foreign students (non-EEA) Home Office Immigration Statistics Number of non-UK university applicants UCAS Overseas students in Higher Education institutions Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) statistics   International comparisons of immigration UNHCR OECD Eurostat   Census data on overseas nationals in the UK England and Wales Census Scotland Census Northern Ireland Census   Immigration system performance UK Border Agency Performance   Immigration Appeals Ministry of Justice: Quarterly Statistics for the Tribunals Home Office immigration statistics       Education   General education statistics Department for Education statistical first releases   Number of schools and pupils Education and Training Statistics for the United Kingdom 2012 Schools, pupils and their characteristics   Leanerner participation, outcomes and level of highest qualification held Further Education and Skills Statistical Release   NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) Department for Education NEET statistics quarterly briefs   Higher education students Higher Education Statistics Agency Higher education students by subject Higher Education Statistics Agency Higher education students by ethnicity Higher Education Statistics Agency Higher education teachers Higher Education Statistics Agency Participation rates in higher education Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - Statistics on Higher Education Participation Rates Data on undergraduate applicants, acceptances and entries UCAS annual data sets University application, acceptance and entry rates by age and nationality UCAS "End of Cycle Report" 2012   Pupil Absence in schools in England Department for Education School funding Department for Education Income and Expenditure in Local Authority Maintained Schools in England Children looked after by social authorities Department for Education National statistics on Children Looked After by Local Authorities in England  

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