Did MPs vote against forcing homes to be made fit to live in?

Currently, there aren’t any specific rules in effect requiring private landlords in England to provide properties that are ‘fit for human habitation’.

Labour’s Land Value Tax: will you have to sell your garden?

It depends on how the policy is designed and it’s not a firm proposal anyway.

Liberal Democrat Manifesto: Housing

What is happening to the housing market?

Is housing getting less affordable?

But what does ‘affordable housing’ mean? The word is used to mean different things in different contexts, and there’s no single measure of the ‘right amount’ to spend on housing.

What landlords are getting from the government

Individual landlords can get allowances for the cost of running properties.

Labour Manifesto: Young Homeowners

We've factchecked claims from Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Labour party manifesto launch.

House building in England

Our overview of the supply and demand for homes in England.

Labour's affordable housing record

The number of affordable homes fell by 420,000 under Labour.

Council house replacements

We’ve looked into claims made by Jeremy Corbyn in his speech at the Labour party conference.

At least 120,000 children in Great Britain are homeless

Calculations by a housing charity for the number of under-18s and expecting mothers living in temporary accommodation stack up.

House building: counting the government's record

We've looked at the Labour and Conservative records on house building, the impact of the financial crisis and how house building measures affect the picture.

Saving up for stamp duty

69% of potential first-time homebuyers who responded to an online poll said that raising the money for costs like stamp duty would be ‘difficult’

Does the UK have the highest rate of property tax in the world?

It does, as a proportion of GDP, but it’s hard to say what this means

Spending on Housing Benefit

We examine the exchange between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition over the Housing Benefit bill.

Homelessness in the UK

We've put together the key facts on homelessness and rough sleeping.

House building: at its lowest level since the 1920s?

We’ve looked into claims made by Jeremy Corbyn in his speech at the Labour party conference.

Right to Buy on target, but one in six sold off is replaced

Theresa May is correct to say that the government is meeting its own target for building new council houses to replace those sold by right to buy. And, confusingly, Jeremy ...

£9 billion in housing benefit to private landlords

“Devastating figures released over this summer show that £9.3 billion of public money is paid through housing benefit directly into the pockets of private landlords.” Jeremy Corbyn, 7 September 2016 ...

Help to Buy ISAs: do they work and were they mis-sold?

Several newspapers have claimed that the Treasury has backtracked on the aim of Help to Buy ISAs. Others have claimed that savers can’t use the scheme to top up their ...

It's harder for young people to own their own home

The Prime Minister says that young people are finding it harder to buy homes. All the evidence we've seen bears that out.

Housing, zero hours contracts, and NHS funding: factchecking Prime Minister's Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on homelessness, first-time buyers, zero hours contracts, and NHS funding.

How large is the housing gap?

Housing was first up in Jeremy Corbyn's debut Prime Minister's Questions, where he claimed there was a housing gap of around 100,000.

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