The Queen's Speech: Resources and Factchecks

8 May 2013

This morning we heard the Queen set out the Government's plans in her speech in the House of Lords.

The 2013-14 parliamentary session was opened with the announcement of 19 draft bills.

Here we link to a few factchecks as well as draft bills, consultations, and reports which relate to plans for the Government's third Commons agenda.

If there's anything you think we should add, please drop us a line:

Growth of the private sector and employment

"My government's first priority is to strengthen Britain's economic competitiveness. To this end, it will support the growth of the private sector and the creation of more jobs and opportunities."

Have a million private sector jobs been created since the election?

Reducing the deficit

"My ministers will continue to prioritise measures that reduce the deficit — ensuring interest rates are kept low for homeowners and businesses."

How big is the budget deficit? 

More material: Office for National Statistics, Public Sector Finances (March 2013)

Welfare reform

"My government is committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded. It will therefore continue to reform the benefits system, helping people move from welfare to work."

Are a million people fit to work yet living on benefits?

Would a household have to earn £41,000 to match a family on benefits?

Investment in infrastructure

"My government will continue to invest in infrastructure to deliver jobs and growth for the economy."

Have 120,000 jobs been lost in the construction sector since the election? 

High-speed 2 rail line

"Legislation will be introduced to enable the building of the High Speed Two railway line, providing further opportunities for economic growth in many of Britain's cities."

Are Britain's railways in need of high-speed relief?

Bills: The HS2 Hybrid Bill and the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill

More information here and here.

Energy infrastructure and the water industry

"My government will continue with legislation to update energy infrastructure and to improve the water industry."

Bills: The Energy Bill and the Water Bill.


"To make sure that every child has the best start in life, regardless of background, further measures will be taken to improve the quality of education for young people."

Longer school days, shorter holidays - what's the evidence behind Michael Gove's plans?

Are one third of children unable to communicate when they start school?

Higher education: how does the UK rank internationally?

More material: 2014 National Curriculum (Consultation)


"Plans will be developed to help working parents with childcare, increasing its availability and helping with its cost."

Tax-free childcare - will parents be better off?


Traineeships and apprenticeships

"My government will also take steps to ensure that it becomes typical for those leaving school to start a traineeship or an apprenticeship, or to go to university."

Have apprenticeships been a coalition success story?

Can vocational learning tackle youth unemployment?

Home ownership

"New arrangements will be put in place to help more people own their own home, with government support provided for mortgages and deposits."

Is the government's home building initiative founded on "bad maths"?

Retirement & pensions system

"My government will bring forward legislation to create a simpler state pension system that encourages saving and provides more help to those who have spent years caring for children."

Pension reform - will 9 out of 10 be better off?

Bill: Draft pensions Bill


"My government will bring forward a bill that further reforms Britain's immigration system. The bill will ensure that this country attracts people who will contribute and deters those who will not."

Migrants and benefits: let's call the whole thing off?

BillImmigration Bill

Social care

"My government is committed to supporting people who have saved for retirement."

How many people are forced to sell their homes to pay for care?

"Legislation will be introduced to reform the way long-term care is paid for, to ensure the elderly do not have to sell their homes to meet their care bills."

Caps, meters and accounts - the social care economy

BillDraft Care and Support Bill 

Crime and National Security

"My government will bring forward a bill that further reforms Britain's immigration system. The bill will ensure that this country attracts people who will contribute and deters those who will not."

Does community sentencing work?

Is the probation service keeping criminals in check?

More material: The Offender Rehabilitation Bill (Consultation)  and Defence Reform Report

Anti-social behaviour

"Legislation will be brought forward to introduce new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour, cut crime and further reform the police."

Is anti-social behaviour on the rise?

Bill: The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

Defence equipment

Scottish referendum

"My government will continue to make the case for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom."

Is public spending in Scotland lower than the UK average?

Do Scots contribute more in taxes than the rest of the UK?

Tax evasion

"In assuming the presidency of the G8, my government will promote economic growth, support free trade, tackle tax evasion, encourage greater transparency and accountability while continuing to make progress in tackling climate change."

Is tax evasion and avoidance costing the tax payers £25 billion?

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