Ask Full Fact: Would jobs be lost as a result of leaving the EU?

21 June 2016

So many claims and counter claims - will jobs be lost as a result of leaving EU?

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Most economists agree that some jobs would be lost and fewer jobs would be created, if the UK decided to leave the EU. It’s impossible to put a number on how many, or say which ones.

The first issue regarding jobs is the effect that leaving would have on economic growth in the UK.

Most economists agree that leaving the EU would slow down economic growth in the UK. During periods of slower growth or economic recession firms hire more slowly and are more likely to lay off employees or close down.

Of course, economic forecasts are never perfect, and there’s always the possibility that most economists are wrong. It’s also impossible for economists to put a factual number on exactly how many jobs would be lost because it is impossible to predict exactly how much the economy would slow down and exactly how long the effects would last.

But yes, most economists agree that fewer jobs would be created and some might be lost as a result of leaving the EU.

The second issue is whether jobs connected to trade with the EU would be lost.

Although jobs connected to trade with the EU may become more precarious, just because a job is connected to trade with the EU does not necessarily mean that it would be lost if the UK left. We’ve written about this twice before: here and here.

If you’re lost in the claims and counter-claims about jobs, you might find the second section in this article useful, on how changes in the economy might affect you.

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