EU Referendum debate: some useful sources

22 June 2016

Here are some of the sources which we found useful for factchecking the EU referendum debates.

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General Analysis

EU budget

The UK’s financial contribution to the EU

  • Treasury figures are here, which include figures for 2015
  • ONS figures are in Chapter 9, Table 9.9 of the Pink Book
  • The ONS has published a note explaining different components of the UK’s contribution

Impact of leaving

  • Report from the House of Commons Library gives a balanced overview of the issues at stake, and the potential impact on key policy areas
  • The Institute for Fiscal Studies summarises a range of estimates for the expected long term impact on economic growth and the short term impact on public finances
  • The Constitution Unit at University College London has a helpful piece on the process of leaving


  • UK data on trade can be found in the ONS Pink Book, Chapter 9
  • EU data on trade in goods can be found here and EU data for trade in services can be found here - this can differ to UK data


  • The most recent Office for National Statistics report on immigration and emigration is here
  • It also has a report on population numbers which show how many immigrants from other EU members are in this country

EU laws

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