How do I get a postal vote for the EU referendum?

2 June 2016

In England, Scotland and Wales anyone can apply to receive a postal vote by filling in this form.

Postal votes must be applied for before 5pm on 8 June in England, Wales and Scotland.

In Northern Ireland they must be applied for by 5pm on 3 June. They must then be returned to the local electoral registration office.

Anyone already receiving a permanent postal vote will not need to apply specifically for the referendum.

Before applying for a postal vote you must be registered to vote in the UK.

To check if you are registered you can contact your local electoral registration office.

If you haven’t already registered the deadline is the 7 June.

Postal votes can be sent to any address within the UK or overseas. Your local electoral office will be able to provide information about when you should receive it. This will usually be about one week before the referendum. Make sure there is enough time to return your ballot paper in the post by 23 June.

Alternatively you can hand it in to your local polling station on the day of the referendum (except in Northern Ireland.)

In Northern Ireland the form must be filled out to receive a postal vote, and then returned to the local Area Electoral Office. Unlike postal votes in the rest of the UK, someone else will also need to sign it.

It is worth noting that postal votes from Northern Ireland can only be sent to addresses in the UK. The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland says these will be sent out on 9 June.

When you receive the ballot paper in the post it should be kept safe and completed only by you. Mark a cross [X] in the box beside your choice before putting the paper inside envelope A. Complete and sign the postal voting statement attached and then put everything inside envelope B, then post it back.

Remember your vote should be secret.

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