When is the EU referendum?

2 June 2016

The EU referendum is on Thursday 23 June.

When can I vote?

You will be able to vote at your local polling station between 7am and 10pm. 

The deadline for registering to vote is Tuesday 7 June.

When will the EU referendum TV debates be?

If you want to see TV debates in the run up to the referendum, the BBC is running three TV debates:

  • Wednesday 15 June, with one week to go, a special edition of BBC One’s Question Time programme with Michael Gove
  • Sunday 19th June, with four days to go, a special edition of BBC One's Question Time with David Cameron
  • Tuesday 21 June, with two days to go, a massive Q&A debate at Wembley Arena

There are two debates hosted by ITV. Full Fact is working with ITV to live-factcheck them:

  • Tuesday 7th June - David Cameron and Nigel Farage will make their cases for remaining in or leaving the EU
  • Thursday 9th June - a multi-panellist debate with live studio audience, hosted by Julie Etchingham

When will the result be?

Counting will begin at 10pm on Thursday 23 June, the day of the vote, and continue overnight. The result is expected some time on Friday. The final result of the EU referendum will be announced on Friday 24 June at some point, from Manchester.

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