Includes Gross Domestic Product (GDP), productivity (GVA) and international comparisons


Includes unemployment, employment by gender, hours, age, length, sector and nationality

Debt and deficit

Public debt, net borrowing, historical and forecast

Prices and inflation

Includes consumer prices, retail prices, producer price and fuel prices, historical and forecast

Hours and earnings

Includes earnings by gender, hours, age, region and occupation

Public spending

Includes spending on health, education and benefits, and policy costings


Includes government tax receipts, tax evasion and avoidance, distribution of tax, income, wealth

Welfare and pensions

Includes claimants, awards and spending by benefit, and pensions spending

Poverty and inequality

Includes relative and absolute poverty, child and pensioner poverty

Household income, spending, wealth and debt

How much people have to spend, what they spend it on and how much wealth and debt they have

Banking and interest rates

Includes lending to business, bankers’ bonuses, money printing (quantitative easing), and Bank of England rate


Includes house prices, rents, housing costs, house building, affordable housing and homelessness

Business and retail

Figures for the number, size and type of businesses, their turnover and retail sales and trends

Trade and production

Includes what we produce, import and export, who to, who from, and what value they have