History, structure and reform

Includes history of the NHS, how it’s structured and how the reforms have changed it

Hospitals and admissions

Includes number of hospitals and trusts, people admitted to hospital, why and what happens to them

Beds and operations

Includes bed availability, cancelled operations, delayed care and winter pressures

NHS Staff

Includes clinical and administrative staff numbers, joiners, leavers, redundancies and earnings

Social care

Includes how many receive it, how much is spent, who works in social care and what users think of it

Personal and public health

Includes adult and child health, lifestyle and obesity, drug use and abuse, STIs and vaccines

Waiting times

Includes referral to treatment, cancer, A&E and diagnostic waiting times, and NHS 111

Accident and emergency

Includes number of people using A&E, how long they wait and ambulance performance

Patient and public satisfaction

Includes public opinion surveys, patient experience of GPs, dentists and social care