Are one million people without social care?

Published: 23rd Nov 2016

In brief


More than one million people are not receiving the social care they need.


The research behind this isn’t published yet, so we can’t say how accurate it is. Age UK has previously produced similar estimates, based on asking people whether they need help with at least one daily task every time they need it.

“Part of the reason for the strain on our National Health Service is that more than one million people are not receiving the social care they need.”

Jeremy Corbyn, 23 November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn’s team confirmed this is based on a press release from the charity Age UK. The analysis behind it hasn’t been published, so neither we nor anyone else can check how accurate it is yet.

Age UK claims 1.2m people aged 65 or over in England don’t get the support they need with at least one everyday task at least some of the time. Its report from last year estimated that just over a million people, or around 10% of older people, had at least one unmet need. So this year’s estimate is an increase on previous ones.

The findings are based on comparing the results of a large research survey on aging in England with official population statistics.

The survey asks people whether they need help with tasks like getting dressed, washing or eating, and then how often they get enough help. Those findings are compared to the total population of 65-90 year olds in England in 2014.

The King’s Fund published a report on social care for older people this year. It said the effects reduced funding for social care may be having on the NHS should be considered alongside other pressures, such as those on GPs and community nurses.

Age UK told us that more information will be provided in a report to be published in a few weeks time.

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