Liberal Democrat Manifesto: NHS finances

26th May 2017

“Nearly two-thirds of NHS trusts ended the last financial year in deficit"

  • Nearly two-thirds (65%) of NHS trusts and foundation trusts ended the 2015/16 year in deficit.
  • The year-end deficit was £2.45 billion, almost three times greater than the deficit reported in 2014/15.
  • Figures for the 2016/17 financial year are not expected to be published until after the General Election. This is because of rules around what can and can’t be said by government organisations during the pre-election period (often referred to as ‘purdah’).
  • At the end of December 2016 57% of providers were in deficit. At the time, NHS Improvement expected 51% of providers to be in deficit at the end of 2016/17.

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