Inaccuracies spreading about UN migration pact

Much criticism has been directed towards the UN’s new migration agreement. A lot of the criticism is inaccurate.

What was known about Windrush in 2014?

In 2014, a report included stories of individuals of the Windrush generation facing difficulties proving their immigration status. We don’t know whether Theresa May saw the report first-hand, though the ...

Windrush generation: what's the situation?

There were an estimated half a million people from the Windrush generation living in the UK in 2017. Around 60,000 say they are not a UK citizen, but this doesn’t ...

How difficult is it for EU nationals to apply for residence rights in the UK?

Growing numbers of EU nationals have been applying for permanent residence status in the UK.

Limits on immigration detention

It's true that the UK is the only country in the EU without a specific time limit on how long someone can be held for immigration offences.

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