Scotland: Tax and spending

In recent years more money has been spent in Scotland than has been collected, whether or not you count money collected from the North Sea oil and gas industries.

Has the SNP ever been fined for election spending mistakes?

The Electoral Commission told us it has never issued the Scottish National Party with any kind of fine or sanction.

EU membership: Spain vs Scotland

It’s often assumed that Spain, with one eye on the independence movement in Catalonia, would stop an independent Scotland from joining the EU. Would it?

A second independence referendum: what does Scotland think?

Polls suggest that the gap between those who are for and against independence has narrowed since the referendum in 2014. But the picture is more mixed on whether there should ...

Is educational attainment in Scotland at record levels?

Figures on attainment in Scotland depend on which measure you prefer to look at.

Has the Scottish Government budget increased or decreased since 2010?

Panelists on this week's Question Time clashed over the Scottish Government budget.

How likely is a second Scottish independence referendum?

Opinion polls show more people are against a second referendum on independence than are for it.

Scottish schools

The standard of schools in Scotland, as measured by recent pupil tests and exam results, seems to be slightly in decline.

The oil price and Scotland’s independence

The falling price of oil hasn’t had much impact on the proportion of people saying they would vote for independence.

Tax gap, migration and trade deficit: Prime Minister's Questions

We've factchecked claims from Prime Minister's Questions on the tax gap, the trade deficit, Scottish migration, and the EU referendum government websites.

12 May's BBC Question Time, factchecked

We've factchecked the panel's claims on Scottish public attitudes, election results, immigration and jobs.

10 March's BBC Question Time, factchecked

Last night's Question Time came from Dundee. We've checked the panel's claims on the EU referendum, the Scottish economy, oil revenues, and NHS spending.

29 October's BBC Question Time, factchecked

Is the Lords more in tune with public opinion than the Commons? Is Scotland more left wing than the rest of the UK? We check the Question Time claims.

10 claims from the 7-way leaders' debate

This evening the 7 party leaders took part in a debate chaired by Julie Etchingham. We were factchecking throughout the evening - you can see what we said on Twitter ...

Salmond censured for stats claim

Alex Salmond has been strongly reprimanded by the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) for claiming that Chancellor George Osborne had "managed to inflate the UK growth figures" by pressuring the Office ...

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