Scotland’s maths and science scores are falling in international tests but rising in national tests

Boris Johnson said maths and science is at record lows in Scotland, where education hasn’t been debated for two years.

The Barnett Formula isn’t set out in law

The Barnett Formula didn’t apply when the DUP negotiated £1 billion for Northern Ireland because public spending in England didn’t change.

SNP manifesto 2019: fact checked

This page will feature all our fact checks on the SNP manifesto for the 2019 general election.

It’s unclear whether an independent Scotland could be forced to join the euro as an EU member

The EU requires most member states to commit to adopting the euro at some point, but in practice it’s unclear whether member states would or could be forced to do …

Scottish government uses non-official data on youth unemployment

That data shows Scottish youth unemployment has fallen. But official data shows it has increased in Scotland over the last year.

SNP members voted to commission a plan for pension increases in an independent Scotland

The resolution recommending this said the OECD average of 63% of average earnings should be set as the minimum.

Would an independent Scotland have to keep the pound and cut public spending?

We look at the findings of a report into what an independent Scottish state could look like.

How many countries allow parents to smack children?

A small group of countries in Europe, including the UK, do not have an outright ban on parents smacking children.

Are fewer parents smacking their children?

Yes, according to the research we’ve seen.

Scotland: Tax and spending

In recent years more money has been spent in Scotland than has been collected, whether or not you count money collected from the North Sea oil and gas industries.

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