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The one-day essential introduction to data analysis

For just £249, this day-long online course is designed for people who want to gain confidence using spreadsheets and datasets from the beginning. It teaches the basics of spreadsheets and data handling. By the end of the course, trainees will be able to take any basic dataset, analyse it, and start telling stories about the data with confidence.


Course contents

Understanding data

  • Understand basic terminology: “data table”, “dataset”, “database”, “CSV”
  • See the different forms that data can take, including: curated tables, pure csv files, online portals, downloadable databases
  • Understand basic data structure
  • Understand the principles of data modelling and table joining
  • Identify the difference between good and bad data structures and understand why data is more versatile when structured well

Mastering tables

  • Understand the different kinds of data in tables: absolute, relative and calculated values; numerical, string and boolean data
  • Understand the difference between cell contents and cell formatting
  • Learn the basic syntax of a spreadsheet formula
  • Understand percentages and how to calculate percentage changes between 
  • Learn how to drag-apply formulas, anchor fixed values, and keyboard shortcuts

Handling datasets

  • Learn how to manipulate whole worksheets of data
  • Learn how to navigate large datasets quickly using keyboard shortcuts and search functions
  • Learn how to get quick summary answers out of datasets

Pivot tables

  • Understand what pivot tables are and the function they serve in allowing large datasets to be summarised and analysed flexibly.
  • Understand the requirements on data structure in order to make pivot tables possible and how to make structural corrections if necessary
  • Learn how to create pivot tables, making use of the VALUE, ROW, COLUMN and FILTER fields
  • Learn how to extract meaningful answers out of pivot tables and to use the built-in functions to assess the depth and reliability of those answers
  • Learn how to make simple changes to a dataset to empower more analysis


Course dates

No Fear Data (online via Zoom)

  • Wednesday 11 October 2023, 09:30 - 16:00 Enrol


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