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Recent fact checks

Conservative campaign leaflets claimed a Daily Mail headline said: “Starmer will hand families a £2,200 tax bombshell with £28 billion green jobs investment promise.”

This is misleading. The original headline included the words “Tories say” at the end, as the Mail was paraphrasing a claim from Conservative party chair Richard Holden.

Misleading leaflets

A video is circulating on X and Facebook with a caption claiming it shows the moment a British ship sank after being targeted by “Yemeni armed forces”.

This is false. The footage actually shows a ship being scuttled off the coast of Brazil in 2020.

Sinking ship

Widely shared posts on social media claim a photo shows Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer seated beside serial sexual abuser Jimmy Savile.

The photo has been digitally altered to add Savile’s face. The original image was taken more than a decade after his death and instead showed Mr Starmer sitting alongside Gordon Brown.

Altered image

Full Fact fights bad information

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