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The Conservative party and government ministers claimed Labour’s immigration plan would result in “100,000 migrants” arriving in the UK from the EU each year.

This is a Conservative party estimate which is not reliable, because it makes several assumptions and appears to misinterpret a recent EU agreement on relocating asylum seekers.

EU returns deal

A Times columnist claimed the NHS in England now pays £8.2 billion in annual clinical negligence compensation for maternity care.

This is not true. NHS Resolution accounts show £2.6 billion was spent on clinical negligence payments in 2022/23, around £1.1 billion of which was related to maternity care.

NHS compensation

Social media posts have claimed Zoom’s terms of service now require you to allow artificial intelligence to train using all your data, with no opt out.

This is not what Zoom’s current terms of service say. They now specifically say it does not use your audio, video or chat to train its own or third-party AI models.

Zoom claims

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Full Fact Report 2023

The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

The Online Safety Bill will bring in new rules for internet companies to make sure their users are protected from harm that can take place on their platforms.

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The Online Safety Bill and misinformation: what you need to know

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