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Several politicians, as well as newspapers and social media users, have claimed there are 7.8 million people waiting for planned treatment on NHS waiting lists.

Around 6.5 million people are waiting for 7.8 million courses of treatment in England, according to the latest figures, because some are waiting for more than one thing.

Waiting list data

Rishi Sunak claimed that Labour’s immigration plan involves a deal with the EU that would see an additional 100,000 migrants arrive in the UK each year.

This claim is based on Conservative party analysis that is inaccurate, and we’ve previously written to the Prime Minister asking him not to repeat this claim.

Inaccurate analysis

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Full Fact Report 2023

The Online Safety Act and misinformation: what you need to know

The Online Safety Act should have been a pivotal in tackling harmful misinformation. However, there is no credible plan to tackle the harms from misinformation in the Act.

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The Online Safety Act and misinformation: what you need to know

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