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“Some immigration facts” … factchecked

An image doing the rounds on Facebook, showing “some immigration facts”, has some basis in fact but either misunderstands the facts available, or gives a selective viewpoint on them. See our full factcheck.

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Does dropping human rights laws require leaving the EU too?

It's claimed that laws protecting human rights will continue to bind the UK for as long as we are members of the EU.

Will changes to tax credits cost families £1,300 a year?

Jeremy Corbyn has said upcoming changes to tax credits will cost working families £1,300 next year. We've taken a look at how that figure was arrived at.

Does smoking cost as much as it makes for the Treasury?

Do taxes on cigarettes bring in enough revenue to cover what smoking costs the government? It's complicated.

How many jobs are supported by the UK’s oil and gas industry?

The industry body Oil & Gas UK's latest estimate is 375,000 jobs. These figures are uncertain and don't just include direct employment in the industry.

Can working immigrants claim over £10,000 in benefits?

At the moment it's possible for some types of working households to get over £10,000 in in-work benefits, including people from the European Economic Area.

Ask Full Fact: how many refugees are in the UK population?

A Facebook graphic is broadly right that refugees are a small proportion of the UK population.

“Deradicalisation” referrals: young and increasing?

It's been reported that referrals to the government's "deradicalisation" programme, Channel, are on the up. That's broadly correct.

A million more pupils in good or outstanding schools? Not just a simple story of school improvement

There's no doubt that schools' Ofsted performance is improving. This progress is partly due to Ofsted's changing inspection practice.

David Cameron’s conference speech, factchecked

David Cameron has given his first speech to the Conservative party conference as PM of a Conservative majority. We've taken a look at some of his claims.

Is EU immigration to blame for missing the net migration target?

David Cameron and his ministers consistently say that EU migration is the reason that the government hasn't met its net migration target. It isn't.

How many truanting fines go unpaid by parents?

It was claimed today that 40% of truanting fines go unpaid. It's more like 20%, according to the latest data (for 2012/13).

Is immigration good or bad for the economy?

The impact of immigration on the public finances is relatively small according to most studies, costing or contributing less than 1% of UK GDP.

How much money do British universities get from the EU?

British universities got at least 2.6% of their income from EU sources in 2013/14. A figure of 15% refers to the EU's share of spending on research here.

Fall in the number of children being placed for adoption

The Department of Education puts the decrease down to the misinterpretation of two high profile court judgments.

Far fewer social welfare cases get legal aid

Figures given to the Labour conference are right: in 2009/10, the legal aid scheme funded advice in 460,000 social welfare cases. In 2013/14 it was 53,000.

16-19 education saw the largest fall in education spending over the last Parliament

An analysis of the claim by the Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell that the Conservatives have overseen the deepest cuts to post-16 education ever.

Human rights and the age of consent

As a Liberal Democrat MP claims, a case at the European Court of Human Rights was responsible for a change to the age of consent for gay people.

Counting the cost of human rights law

Be wary of any attempt to tell you what human rights laws and court rulings 'cost' the government or the economy in the UK. The question has no easy answer.

Small businesses and EU membership

European Movement UK has claimed that small businesses support EU membership. We've taken a look at what some recent surveys tell us.

Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, factchecked

Jeremy Corbyn has given his first speech to the Labour party conference as leader. We've taken a look at some of his claims.

Are more people self-employed?

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed at Labour's annual conference that self-employed people make up one in seven of the labour force. We investigate.

Does the UK pay a fifth of the VAT going into the EU budget?

Business for Britain says the UK pays a fifth of all VAT going into the EU budget. We look at the figures behind the claim.

Did the government keep its promise on the Cancer Drugs Fund?

Rising costs have caused NHS England to remove some drugs from the Cancer Drugs Fund, which could soon be replaced by a new system.

Junior doctors’ pay: a short introduction to the dispute

The row over junior doctors’ contracts is making for sobering headlines—there are warnings of an ‘exodus’ of trainees and calls for strike action.