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Full Fact fights bad information

Bad information ruins lives. It promotes hate, damages people’s health, and hurts democracy. You deserve better.

Recent fact checks

In her first speech as Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves set out the Labour government’s plan to “kickstart economic growth”.

We’ve taken a look at how economic growth is measured in the UK, what current forecasts say, and how Labour has said it’ll achieve its goal.

Going for growth

There’s been online speculation that Reform UK’s candidate for Clapham and Brixton Hill may not exist, amid claims his image “looks AI-generated”.

This isn’t true. It’s been confirmed by multiple sources that the candidate in question, Mark Matlock, is a real person.

Real or (deep)fake?

The government has announced plans to allow some prisoners to be released after serving 40% of their sentences, due to overcrowding in the prison estate.

We’ve taken a look at exactly how full prisons currently are, and the measures proposed by the government and its predecessors to free up space.

Prison capacity